Thursday, April 18, 2013

Come , let me share the mystery of the real treasure island with you ..

the mystery surrounding the treasure island

Perhaps we all want to visit a beautiful, serene Island one day. At least I thought so.
It took many years till this wish became reality. 
This was the ultimate of all journeys :
The real treasure island of Robert Louis Stevenson 's novel.


I never, ever came across such beautiful islands. Before I come to reveal this secret,
there are a few things one should consider.

First of all, this island is not for the regular tourist. Watch the mode of transport and judge.
If you are looking for 5 star comfort - forget it. Airport - forget.

Airconditiong - natural breeze from the sea. 
What you can expect is : Endless sun, beauty, beaches, Coconuts, delicious fish, crabs, seafood.

Native traditions, exploring the island on miles of sunny beaches. 

Wilderness, Oil palms naturally grown, Baoba, Kapok, Mangos, sheer endless amounts.

This is the first part of treasure Island, tomorrow follows the second part (including food to eat, what to do and how much it costs to reach there)

Treasure Island part 1