Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween - Zombie walk

Denver, 10 th Downtown - Zombie walk great display of Halloween costumes


Monday, October 25, 2010

Venice, city or art - ( veni, vidi, vici )

Venice, city of romance, passion, history, cultural delight, surrounded by hundreds of  years history. All great thinkers, poets, painters, musicians, artists, writers were - and still are - inspired by its greatness.
With this passion in mind, Sigmund Freud, the father of Psycho Analytic Studies came here and was totally overtaken by its beauty.
The question is : Why are so many people drawn to this sanctuary of magnificent beauty, heaven of art, beauty.
Our own experience is no less, I visited Venice three times in a row, and still feel a strong urge to return again. One never gets over it, never feels tired of Canale Grande, Gondolas, Rialto, St. Marco. We feel inspired by its sights, architectural masterpieces, relics, art.
There is no end to strolling in the narrow lanes behind main alleys; sideways, always with a sense of expectation, where will this lane lead, end. A chapel, church, monastery hidden away. Singing in prayer, monks, at the Vespera, at Ave Maria hour. 
Let us go back to Venice, once more, and enjoy its beauty before long; like for centuries great individuals have been bewildered by this most marvelous place of intrinsic beauty and art.
Our time will be gone before long, likeTiziano Vecellio (1488 – 27 August 1576), famous painter and most important member of the Venetian school.

Our return to Venice I hope will be before long, the long and dreadful wait will come to an end.

Venice Italy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dance of a Geisha

Japanese Artists dance at this Cultural festival

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Princesse Caroline De Roumanie

Once upon a time there was a Princess called Caroline. Her father by profession King of Romania, built this place for his daughter.
Whilst many people were suffering in the suppressed nation, the King had all the splendor prepared for himself and his family.
The Parc is reachable by hidden footpaths and back alley roads .
If you are in Nice, I can show you the passage to this marvelous place.

Email me.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogging the past : Wyoming ..

"One of "nine young men from Kentucky" who accompanied Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their explorations of Louisiana Territory, John Colter became one of the expedition's most adept hunters. He was about thirty years old when the expedition set off in 1804, stood five feet ten inches tall, and looked out at the world through piercing blue eyes.
Captain Lewis recruited Colter for the Corps of Expedition in Maysville, Kentucky, on October 15, 1803 and by the following February Colter had traveled west to St. Louis to attend the ceremony that transferred Louisiana Territory from the French government to the United States.
A good hunter and scout, Colter joined Captain Clark in seeking a route through the Rockies in August of 1805. Later when the expedition neared the Pacific Ocean, Colter was one of the ten men who accompanied Clark to the ocean and Cape Disappointment. After a hard winter at Fort Clatsop, the Expedition turned east, retracing its journey to the Mandan Villages on the Missouri River near present Bismarck, North Dakota. Here Colter's association with the Corps of Discovery ended. He met Illinois trappers, Forest Hancock and Joseph Dickson who were en route to the west and with permission from Lewis and Clark, Colter was released from their expedition in order to return to the West.
He would travel with Dickson and Hancock, explore the Yellowstone River country, and become one of the first American fur trappers. The three first returned to the Three Forks region of the upper Missouri to start their trapping, but then traveled to the Clarks Fork Region of Northwest Wyoming (north of Cody) where they spent at least part of the winter of 1806-07. Colter separated from the other two trappers and headed east only to meet another westbound trapping party led by Manuel Lisa. Again Colter set his footsteps toward the west, this time in company with Lisa and three of his former companions on the Lewis and Clark Expedition: George Drouillard, Peter Wiser, and John Potts.
With Colter's guidance, the party traveled toward the confluence of the Bighorn River with the Yellowstone River, reaching that point by October of 1807. Here Colter separated from the others and began a journey to the south and west again entering present Wyoming. The excursion that he took during the winter of 1807 is one of the most remarkable in the history of Western exploration.
He journeyed up the South Fork of the Stinking Water River (today's Shoshone west of Cody). He likely ventured over the Owl Creek Mountains to reach the headwaters of the Wind River, passed by Brooks Lake (north of Dubois) and then entered Jackson's Hole (a place later named for trapper David Jackson). He probably went as far west as Idaho's Teton Basin, and almost certainly ranged into today's Yellowstone National Park, passing Heart Lake and Yellowstone Lake before fording the Yellowstone River. He described the bubbling mud pots, spouting geysers, and other natural features of the Yellowstone region, a place that, when he finally returned east, became dubbed "Colter's Hell."
Colter himself eventually traveled back to the Three Forks area of the Missouri River in Montana, there had a run-in with Blackfeet Indians that nearly cost him his life, before he finally went east to become a farmer in Missouri, where he died in 1813 from the cumulative effects of a harsh lfe, poor diet and jaundice. As the first of many intrepid mountain men-explorers, he left a mark that would remain unmatched in Wyoming's history."

Wyoming's history 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ITALIA Intermezzo

Venice, Padova, Monterosso, Milano, Bolognia, Rome, Naples, ..
Who does not know the names.

Travel to Italy is a cultural, culinary, delight for those who are inspired by art, culture, beauty, culinary delights.

Travel to cites of great masters of Art, such as Titian, Vivaldi, Michelangelo, Raffael, and countless more.

Most intriguing, my visit to Venice always is inspired by exploring the many hidden alleys, where one can find churches, monasteries. Passing through one the alleys on a Friday afternoon, you will hear some of the most astounding Friar prayers. 

Enjoying to discover new beauties in Venice.Inspiring, I went back several times to savor its great history, art. 

In an instance you are drawn to the city, arriving, like most of us will, at Venezia Santa LuciaThe train station opens to a spectacular view on he Canale Grande.

Even the Pizza in the Stazzione tastes marvelous, some of the best Pizzas ever enjoyed (apart from Mama Mia in Accra, or the ones baked by my friend Mario, who is a marvel when it comes to Pizzas (not only Pizzas, he is a great Italian Chef !)

I am contemplating to bring him here to China to open a Pizzeria here. (Not fully finalized plans, so don't get me on that.

When strolling through the marvelous city, one can sense the history of a thousand years, where Marco Polo took off to reach where I now live (with the difference that took him months of traveling under great endurance).

I turn to an alley where everything seems quiet, a tiny alley leading to another one a labyrinth of hidden lanes.
Hearing the calming sound from Santa Maria, I enter the church and the Echo of prayer engulfs me. Te Friar's choir praises God, singing in  Latin. One stands still at such calming moments.

I stay on to enjoy the calm that has set in. All worldly aspects forgotten, drifting into eternity, mind and soul seem to detach. Yes I am a believer, thanking god he has given me the opportunity to come to this place of worship.

Italian Intermezzo

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Forest lake - green Bavaria, Germany

Weilheim, Bavaria

Whilst visiting Malinee and Thomas we did some extensive hiking through Forests and beautiful summer meadows of Bavaria.

Collecting Blackberries on our way, we entered into this beautiful, unspoilt forest.

Malinee prepared some of the most delicious fruit salad ever tasted,
tossing them in a light Yogurt sauce with sugar.

Some moments in life we won't forget, and this was one of it.

Malinee is an excellent cook, she is a wizard in the kitchen.

My compliments and thanks go to you, Malinee and you Thomas..

Thanks for being good friends all these years,

Green Forest lake, Bavaria, Germany

Beautiful Bavaria
Photography by : aheneghana / africasiaeuro photoshelter

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Begonias in Upper Bavarian town of Tutzing

Begonias in Germany

Last summer I went to visit my old friends Thomas and Malinee in Upper Bavaria.
I had not seen them in years since our last unexpected meeting in Penang, Malaysia.
Waiting for a bus to Cameroon Highlands, we were standing at the Terminal, when suddenly
I saw a smiling face, arms wide opened for an embrace, coming towards me.
It was Thomas, and his wife Malinee.

By chance they had been in the same area, we were meant to meet.
Strange things happen, and this certainly was one coincidence.

To put it in words of my long gone friend Toni, he would say :
there are no coincidences in life, referring to his clairvoyant abilities.

So here I was, back at their home in Germany. We spent awesome days
in Weilheim, and Tutzing. We had great walks, strolling along the Starnberger See,
and the surroundings.

Since many years I hadn't come to Germany to see them, and this was one of the
most pleasant trips I had made in years.

The views awaiting me were just a astounding. I know Bavaria from my previous
travels, but had not been to Tutzing.
On Sunday we went to the St. Benediktine Monastery which stands majestically
over hundreds of years, signifying the importance of Religion in these parts of Bavaria.

Bavarians are devoted Christians and some of the most interesting Monasteries
I have seen is the St. Benediktine Abbey.

Buzz by Heinz Rainer