Friday, October 31, 2008

Confucius 4 U 2 :

'Death and life have their determined appointments; riches and honors depend upon heaven.'

What wisdom; the great sage; Confucius;
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Imagine this: just returned from 'xie tou'; actually meaning 'wash hair'; included: 60 minutes of pleasant, smiling faces around you, happy to show their skills to a 'weiguoren', 30 min. of extra- ordinary facial massage, shoulders, arms and hands, neck and, not to forget, my head.; 15 minutes of some of the best hair washes ever; a decent, professional stylist haircut; the tab : THREE EUROS or THREE POINT SIX U.S.DOLLARS;
and where did you cut your hair (mere haircut male) for 30 EUROS today; left alone a MASSAGE ?
I wanna say this : No, this isn't my first time, and not the second either.
Its a mere continuation of part a lifestyle that I learnt to enjoy years ago. And I intend to continue, at least as long as I am able to.
For those living in the West can't contemplate what they are missing out on. We pay skyhigh prices for meagre services.
For those collecting 30 EUROS or 40 BUCKS from us don't move their ass to make us feel welcome.
A routine thing they are used to get paid for.
We take things too much for granted, especiall in our jobs. We don't think a minute about those working a 12-14 hour a day shift with half an hour break, 29 (T W E N T Y N I N E days a month)
earning 150-200 Bucks for their services.
And no, they refuse tips, they have pride in what they do.
I love these folks, after all I should know. I been coming here for over 12 years.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

some pieces of art ; breathtaking ; expensive

500 000 U.S.Dollars ceramic painting of famous artisan;
Art collection - selected items -
Master pieces ;
This masterpiece is for sale :
Cherry blossoms on ceramic art; carved rosewood; approx. 2.5 m x 1.5 m; price tag 500 000 U.S.Dollars

Friday, October 24, 2008

DUBAI - Atlantis Palm Hotel and Water Park, featuring 13000 pounds suites.
Your next holiday destination ...
Surprises happen when you travel the world; The other night we went for dinner in a Brazilian Rest; the nice stuff, BBQ roasts, shrimps galore, the whole lot.
After dinner went to our friends H'tl which happened to b 5*. During our most vivid conversation I noticed someone familiar glancing at me from far. Upon closer looks I realized an old 'acquaintance' who also happens to be my old adversary's pal.
Some curiosity, surprise, meeting at a location 10 000 miles from home base, we shook hands.
Noting the unusual place to meet in China we kept on chatting, pretending we forgot the past.
When I asked him about his friend, he said he would give him a call.
It was kind of awkward, our friends from the Gulf noted some oddities in our conversation.
We were all happy when our acquaintance retired back to his room.
Conclusion : 'Chances of meeting someone you know increase when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with'.
Wishing you all success,
yours sincerely,


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Struck by a revelation, after years of doubts. Whenever your car has a mechanical problem in Africa, we found the problems multiply by the factor of THREE if one sends the car to a workshop.
Saying this, one has to take careful consideration of which workshop to chose. The list of unwillingly and intended damages increase in direct proportion to the number of days your car has to stay in for repairs.
After your car has been 'repaired', one will find vital parts being replaced by old parts, left items like carjack, triangle, spare bulbs, fuses, music cassettes, tapes missing or being replaced by other versions.
On many occasions the cars have been taken for joyrides, sometimes for hundreds of miles during weekends, mechanics visiting their relatives in faraway villages.
Confucius_4_u : 'Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue'

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Indian marvels
The journey to India, a dream comes true
A travel a far
Travel story to the heart of Africa's rainforest

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surprisingly warm autumn weather in Zhejiang, enjoying warm sunshine during the days. Been sourcing during the past week.
Next week intending to visit Fujian province, Jiangxi province.
Looking for new items, different from our 'regulars'.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just wanted to share this with you. Our friend with her baby. She loves her dearly.
A wonderful person, a wonderful friend,
we love them,

I will write more about our visit, just for now I find it difficult to put the words, enjoying almost every day in full. Wishing you were here, Heinz
cont... the hospitality, the people, culture, marvellous sights. We can cope with the cultural differences, once getting accustomed. There is only love, devotion, and sincerety never found elsewhere. I enjoy the many pleasantries, like 'Xie Jiao', (for those of you who don't know=foot massage). Nowhere have I met such skills, including Thailand. I must say, it would be my favorite place to retire.
..cont... some of the most pleasant memories back with us, with a standing invitation to visit again during the Chinese Lunar festival in spring. It is great to have friends in China, they are real friends. No ifs and buts, they give their last for the 'Weiguoren' who invaded their marvellous country first twelve years ago, and returning frequently every year. We love to visit China, enjoy ...
Revisiting the past; Our trip to Guangdong was full of pleasant experiences, our friends turned up in numbers, full heartedly and we shared some wonderful days. Being the 'Fruit City of China, the region features the best 'LONGANS' and 'LYCHEES' (hence my article which I wrote on the event of our first visit. We carry some ..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Took us full 6 hours to reach Guangzhou, on the way encountered some of the worst traffic jams ever; The road was blocked due to an accident. Thereafter reaching 'Baiyun airport in Guangzhou, left with China Southern to Zhejiang province. Arabic style dinner for a change after 2 weeks of intense Chinese dining, although excellent it sometimes gets monotonous especially the 'jiaudzi' dishes.
After a hectic week with friends in South Guangdong finally left Guangdong province by plane today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Singing star Xiao Liu, a voice of an angel
It is our prime aim to help others : YOU can make the difference by signing up on our cause THE WOM

Saturday, October 11, 2008

uploaded some photos taken on our trip to Europe, Venice, Italy, France and China

Thursday, October 9, 2008

AIG executives prepare for another 'Spa holiday' on taxpayers hard earned money.
Compliments of U.S. taxpayers, people when will you finally come to terms with reality.
Seen this today in the news, always knew that Billions were stolen and obviously still are stolen by those who claim the company is bankrupt.
The AIG executives went on a 'SPA holiday' whilst taxpayers bailed out their failed company.
Wishing that those who abused the system would be in China to face the music.

Look at the invoice here :

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wonderful interaction; Highschool in southern China hosts 10000 students; been asked to lecture about our experiences in CHina and elsewhere; Group of teachers are our friends. Dinners, lunches, all signs of Chinese hospitality; We enjoy it as always.

Monday, October 6, 2008

After a few hours of travel I reached the old town of MAOMING IN SOUTHERN GUNAGDONG province. We met old friends of ours. The city has changed over the years since I 've been here last time.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Still, DANIEL, you are a nice guy, and I understand your position. Take care of your family. Still, don't be a fool all your life. Those manipulating jackasses around you who have no clue what they're all about, only blubber the stuff of which they know nothing about. Ripping off the company amidst smiling faces ...
Instead of listening to the gobbledeegook of unqualified, narrow-minded faggots who are only in place because of personal favors rendered to their boss, I prefer the solitude, independence of a single working and 'FREE' professional who decides when and where his projects will be carried out. Surely DANIEL will understand that, even if he is told what to do, when, where, and how.
Padova, Italy. Sept. 30th, The pedestrian zone was once again center stage for the annual students inauguration. Dottore, Dottore... they sang and got drunk. Hilarious, sometimes vulgar. Italian students aren't what they used to be. Some VDO's follow on F.B.
Trying to figure out people : If you meet a stranger, be nice to him. No matter if he/she does not repay in kindness. (Confucius talk). Sometimes it is hard, though. Expecially if the other person is a 'pain-in-the-ass-type'. Yet, others reciprocate. Best of them all: Tibetan folks in general. Kind, gentle, hospitable, smiles all over. Inviting you wherever and whenever they can.
Hi every1, after a few hectic days in the south of France, a few days in Padova, Italy and Venice, now landed in China, southern Guangdong province. After all not my first China trip, but seems always a new experience. We continue to Qinghai, where we meet a friend and then onward to Lhasa if the weather permits. Tibet is cold now, so I gathered all our winter gear for the 4000 m altitude visit.