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Have you learned to cook Chinese ..
against cruel animal slaughter

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Confucius 4u: 'Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.'

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Nothing less - Jewel of Tibet;

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Merry xmas friends!6E473F4E9B767961!1199.trak fruity ... sparrow or snail
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aheneghana's reddit: Yedda factor

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Deutsch - not English this entry;!6E473F4E9B767961!307.entry
Swiss experience!6E473F4E9B767961!569.entry
short entry : Venice
Hongjintian - miracle herb,!6E473F4E9B767961!743.entry
Arrival Venice;

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it comes as no surprise :
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countdown for Venice, Italy;
recent pics
We wish you a Merry Xmas - from WOM

heavenly fruit - Orange

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Snow white Xmas ..
loved every minute

'Mekong Saga' in pictures

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Sparrow or snail ?

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'Who was in charge ?'
Mekong tales ; ;
more to follow soon ...

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Reached Bana in China, 16 hours on board; more details later;

Saturday, December 6, 2008 Golden Triangle

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Thailand Airports free, first flights landing @Suvarnabhumi ; 350000 Tourists affected ;

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Notes from Bangkok

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amidst growing tensions we remain stranded-Bangkok, Thailand!6E473F4E9B767961!707.entry
We won't forget!6E473F4E9B767961!707.entry
reminiscence of past : old visions return
The coup : ; ; ;
seen it all before;
Airport blocked; foreigners stranded; Political stand-off between Democratic party and ruling government; 30 000 - 50 000 demonstrators occupy main airport; Demonstrators vowed not to leave, if government attempts to dislodge, they will fight back;
Plan 'C' : overland to Laos, Vientiane, then on to China Kunming; Shanghai; all in all involves time and inconveniences; such the live of a traveler.
Plan 'B' : shall go overland to Laos - China border, continue through Jinghong to Kunming, then Shanghai;
Nations send planes to evacuate stranded nationals :
Where will we be in two days ?
Bangkok Airport closed. No end in sight

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live with art

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Friday morning, 0230 am, two propelled grenades fired, explosions heard, sporadic submachine gun fire follows; memories of the past return; those seem to follow me wherever I go; remember the 'Coup 'd Etat';
and as well as

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Milano - Italy - Thinking of visiting this great city ? Talk about 300 Euros - a - day expenses, in moderate tones. I snatched up this for the adventurous; If you like the exceptional you got it, inclusive of strange things :
Bangkok, Thailand - Suvarnabhumi Airport occupied by protesters - yet the whole town hustles with business as usual.

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Bangkok, Thailand. Since Sunday enjoy 'Thai' life, in stark contrast to Chinese life rythms.
Chinese Visa; Applied and issued in 1 day, you can't beat that, not even in the West.
My application inlcuded : 'We love China'.

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Confucius 4 U : 'The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come.'

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Confucius 4 U : ' Study the past if you would define the future '
glad I finally post to PLAXO;
amazine articles
Dream of the read chambers;
The dream has come reality;

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Whilst we were supporting OBAMA he did the rest; Go GO GO Prez Obama;

We stand firmly behind you and what you believe in;
What else is art than beauty, creation ;

The scarlet red , another piece of excellence

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weather turned chilly in Eastern China; some gusty winds and rain; dinner in fancy Restaurant y'day;
its mostly there in;

If it ain't art then what is ...

Rare pieces of art selected ...
Obama - inherits the worst economy since Regan :

Obama Is Seen Inheriting Worst U.S. Recession Since Reagan Era ;
Sent to you by aheneghana via Google Reader: Who said business was
easy.. Take this: you order a large by aheneghana on 11/8/08 Who said
business was easy.. Take this: you order a large consignment of
predefined goods; Yes, all is in order, quality, price seems right.
When goods arrive at warehouse, they turn out to be off-standard,
insultingly bad.
You reject them based on the suppliers breach of agreement. Goods go
back, you receive phone call telling you you are crazy.
So much for Chinese business practice.
In fact many years of business in China have taught me one thing : 'You
can never take things for granted'. Full stop.
There is A L W A Y S room for surprises. Never stay of guard, never.
Expect the unexpected.
Routine SCAM: You negotiate overland transport with transport agency.
Price agreed.
When goods are loaded half way, driver starts his act; Complains, goods
are too heavy, he can't take them. Alternative : Remove the goods - or
pay up another exorbitant charge.
Know what - this is routine practice in China.
I love China - except for a few things - and this is definitely amongst
the unpleasantries one has to cope with.

Take it or leave it, your choice.
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Can't tell you how much I love this :
(Next to OBAMA)
O B A M A - how did he come this far;
This lady is worth my and your mention :

She 's got what it takes ....

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Big bonuses for wallstreet ; Halloween prank or not ?
guess ...
'Larry Bates: "The Federal Reserve really, even though it is not part of the federal government, it is more powerful than the federal government. It's more powerful than the president, the congress and the courts.
And a lot of people challenge me on that, but, let me prove my case.
The Federal Reserve determines what the average persons car payment is going to be, what their house payment is going to be, and whether they have a job or not.
And I submit to you that that's total control.
And the Federal Reserve is the largest single creditor of the US government.
What does proverbs tell us? That the borrower is servant to the lender."
The truth is : We are being manipulated;
Larry Bates was a bank president for 11 years.
As a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives he chaired The Committee On Banking And Commerce.
He 's also a professor of economics and the author of the best-selling book 'The New Economic Disorder'.
"I can tell you right now, that there is going to be a crash of unprecedented proportions. A crash like we never seen before in this country.
The greatest shock of this decade is that more people are about to lose more money than any time before in our history. But the second greatest shock will be the incredible amount of money just a roadable(?) small group of people will make at exactly the same time. You see, in periods of economic upheaval and economic crisis wealth is not destroyed. It's merely transferred."

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Confucius 4 U 2 :

'Death and life have their determined appointments; riches and honors depend upon heaven.'

What wisdom; the great sage; Confucius;
My FACEBOOK : You are invited
Imagine this: just returned from 'xie tou'; actually meaning 'wash hair'; included: 60 minutes of pleasant, smiling faces around you, happy to show their skills to a 'weiguoren', 30 min. of extra- ordinary facial massage, shoulders, arms and hands, neck and, not to forget, my head.; 15 minutes of some of the best hair washes ever; a decent, professional stylist haircut; the tab : THREE EUROS or THREE POINT SIX U.S.DOLLARS;
and where did you cut your hair (mere haircut male) for 30 EUROS today; left alone a MASSAGE ?
I wanna say this : No, this isn't my first time, and not the second either.
Its a mere continuation of part a lifestyle that I learnt to enjoy years ago. And I intend to continue, at least as long as I am able to.
For those living in the West can't contemplate what they are missing out on. We pay skyhigh prices for meagre services.
For those collecting 30 EUROS or 40 BUCKS from us don't move their ass to make us feel welcome.
A routine thing they are used to get paid for.
We take things too much for granted, especiall in our jobs. We don't think a minute about those working a 12-14 hour a day shift with half an hour break, 29 (T W E N T Y N I N E days a month)
earning 150-200 Bucks for their services.
And no, they refuse tips, they have pride in what they do.
I love these folks, after all I should know. I been coming here for over 12 years.

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We are :

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some pieces of art ; breathtaking ; expensive

500 000 U.S.Dollars ceramic painting of famous artisan;
Art collection - selected items -
Master pieces ;
This masterpiece is for sale :
Cherry blossoms on ceramic art; carved rosewood; approx. 2.5 m x 1.5 m; price tag 500 000 U.S.Dollars

Friday, October 24, 2008

DUBAI - Atlantis Palm Hotel and Water Park, featuring 13000 pounds suites.
Your next holiday destination ...
Surprises happen when you travel the world; The other night we went for dinner in a Brazilian Rest; the nice stuff, BBQ roasts, shrimps galore, the whole lot.
After dinner went to our friends H'tl which happened to b 5*. During our most vivid conversation I noticed someone familiar glancing at me from far. Upon closer looks I realized an old 'acquaintance' who also happens to be my old adversary's pal.
Some curiosity, surprise, meeting at a location 10 000 miles from home base, we shook hands.
Noting the unusual place to meet in China we kept on chatting, pretending we forgot the past.
When I asked him about his friend, he said he would give him a call.
It was kind of awkward, our friends from the Gulf noted some oddities in our conversation.
We were all happy when our acquaintance retired back to his room.
Conclusion : 'Chances of meeting someone you know increase when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with'.
Wishing you all success,
yours sincerely,


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Struck by a revelation, after years of doubts. Whenever your car has a mechanical problem in Africa, we found the problems multiply by the factor of THREE if one sends the car to a workshop.
Saying this, one has to take careful consideration of which workshop to chose. The list of unwillingly and intended damages increase in direct proportion to the number of days your car has to stay in for repairs.
After your car has been 'repaired', one will find vital parts being replaced by old parts, left items like carjack, triangle, spare bulbs, fuses, music cassettes, tapes missing or being replaced by other versions.
On many occasions the cars have been taken for joyrides, sometimes for hundreds of miles during weekends, mechanics visiting their relatives in faraway villages.
Confucius_4_u : 'Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue'

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Indian marvels
The journey to India, a dream comes true
A travel a far
Travel story to the heart of Africa's rainforest

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surprisingly warm autumn weather in Zhejiang, enjoying warm sunshine during the days. Been sourcing during the past week.
Next week intending to visit Fujian province, Jiangxi province.
Looking for new items, different from our 'regulars'.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just wanted to share this with you. Our friend with her baby. She loves her dearly.
A wonderful person, a wonderful friend,
we love them,

I will write more about our visit, just for now I find it difficult to put the words, enjoying almost every day in full. Wishing you were here, Heinz
cont... the hospitality, the people, culture, marvellous sights. We can cope with the cultural differences, once getting accustomed. There is only love, devotion, and sincerety never found elsewhere. I enjoy the many pleasantries, like 'Xie Jiao', (for those of you who don't know=foot massage). Nowhere have I met such skills, including Thailand. I must say, it would be my favorite place to retire.
..cont... some of the most pleasant memories back with us, with a standing invitation to visit again during the Chinese Lunar festival in spring. It is great to have friends in China, they are real friends. No ifs and buts, they give their last for the 'Weiguoren' who invaded their marvellous country first twelve years ago, and returning frequently every year. We love to visit China, enjoy ...
Revisiting the past; Our trip to Guangdong was full of pleasant experiences, our friends turned up in numbers, full heartedly and we shared some wonderful days. Being the 'Fruit City of China, the region features the best 'LONGANS' and 'LYCHEES' (hence my article which I wrote on the event of our first visit. We carry some ..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Took us full 6 hours to reach Guangzhou, on the way encountered some of the worst traffic jams ever; The road was blocked due to an accident. Thereafter reaching 'Baiyun airport in Guangzhou, left with China Southern to Zhejiang province. Arabic style dinner for a change after 2 weeks of intense Chinese dining, although excellent it sometimes gets monotonous especially the 'jiaudzi' dishes.
After a hectic week with friends in South Guangdong finally left Guangdong province by plane today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Singing star Xiao Liu, a voice of an angel
It is our prime aim to help others : YOU can make the difference by signing up on our cause THE WOM

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uploaded some photos taken on our trip to Europe, Venice, Italy, France and China

Thursday, October 9, 2008

AIG executives prepare for another 'Spa holiday' on taxpayers hard earned money.
Compliments of U.S. taxpayers, people when will you finally come to terms with reality.
Seen this today in the news, always knew that Billions were stolen and obviously still are stolen by those who claim the company is bankrupt.
The AIG executives went on a 'SPA holiday' whilst taxpayers bailed out their failed company.
Wishing that those who abused the system would be in China to face the music.

Look at the invoice here :

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wonderful interaction; Highschool in southern China hosts 10000 students; been asked to lecture about our experiences in CHina and elsewhere; Group of teachers are our friends. Dinners, lunches, all signs of Chinese hospitality; We enjoy it as always.

Monday, October 6, 2008

After a few hours of travel I reached the old town of MAOMING IN SOUTHERN GUNAGDONG province. We met old friends of ours. The city has changed over the years since I 've been here last time.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Still, DANIEL, you are a nice guy, and I understand your position. Take care of your family. Still, don't be a fool all your life. Those manipulating jackasses around you who have no clue what they're all about, only blubber the stuff of which they know nothing about. Ripping off the company amidst smiling faces ...
Instead of listening to the gobbledeegook of unqualified, narrow-minded faggots who are only in place because of personal favors rendered to their boss, I prefer the solitude, independence of a single working and 'FREE' professional who decides when and where his projects will be carried out. Surely DANIEL will understand that, even if he is told what to do, when, where, and how.
Padova, Italy. Sept. 30th, The pedestrian zone was once again center stage for the annual students inauguration. Dottore, Dottore... they sang and got drunk. Hilarious, sometimes vulgar. Italian students aren't what they used to be. Some VDO's follow on F.B.
Trying to figure out people : If you meet a stranger, be nice to him. No matter if he/she does not repay in kindness. (Confucius talk). Sometimes it is hard, though. Expecially if the other person is a 'pain-in-the-ass-type'. Yet, others reciprocate. Best of them all: Tibetan folks in general. Kind, gentle, hospitable, smiles all over. Inviting you wherever and whenever they can.
Hi every1, after a few hectic days in the south of France, a few days in Padova, Italy and Venice, now landed in China, southern Guangdong province. After all not my first China trip, but seems always a new experience. We continue to Qinghai, where we meet a friend and then onward to Lhasa if the weather permits. Tibet is cold now, so I gathered all our winter gear for the 4000 m altitude visit.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The provinces bordering the Cambodian border are rich in ancient architectural wonders

Hot, dry and very dusty for much of the year, the Kingdom's eastern provinces along the ThaiCambodia border are best explored during the rainy season. Although the heat can still be a killer between downpours, there are so many natural and ancient attractions scattered across Prachin Buri and neighbouring Sa Kaeo, which was elevated to provincial status in 1993, that this area more than merits the drive from Bangkok for a weekend break.

Known for their topclass national parks, waterfalls and whitewater rafting courses, both Prachin Buri and Sa Kaeo boast a number of classic Dvaravati and Khmer temples dating back more than a millennium. The drive to the two provinces is like journeying back in time through Thai and Khmer history and art ending, for those who wish it, in a very modern Vegasstyle spread just across the border from Aranyaprathet.

For time efficiency, it makes sense to start your itinerary from the far end and work inwards. At 236 kilometres from Bangkok an easy threehour drive the hilly expanse of Sa Kaeo is strewn with remnants of ancient Khmer heritage that spill over from the Korat plateau in lower Isaan

For history buffs, this is an ideal destination for many reasons. First, these lesserknown Khmer temples are a lot older than the famous ones like Angkor Wat. Secondly, many of these are tucked away deep in the forest and are relatively unknown to most tourists.

It's a long drive to Sa Kaeo, but Road 359 offers priceless views of endless eucalyptus plantations set against a backdrop of distant hills as the road rises and dips through slopes all the way to the provincial capital. Driving in the rain, you almost get to touch rain clouds hovering just above treetops.

Ironically, the first landmark you'll notice is not an ancient temple but rather a Baan Uathorn (lowcost) housing estate at the beginning of Road 348. Rows of white houses with blue tile roofs contrast beautifully with the green swamp but memories of that eye candy soon fade on the approach to Sadokkokthom Temple in Khok Sung subdistrict, the biggest Khmer temple in eastern Thailand. Still in a much better condition than any other in the province, the temple lies east and is just 400 metres from the Cambodian border. Beyond the borderline are unmarked minefields in Banteay Meanchey.

Tucked away behind rural villages and surrounded by big trees, the temple has two large baray (reservoir) to the east and the north, the former the biggest at 240 by 440 metres. Inscriptions from two stone blocks (now kept at the National Library) found here reveal that the temple was unusual.

Built of laterite and pink sandstone from Khao Lone nine km to the north during the reign of King Aditayavarma II (10491066), Sadokkokthom was originally a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Chairat Sakulpram, a volunteer guide, says that the temple was the most important of all in the area because it was the centre of knowledge for all Brahmins who wanted to serve in the royal Khmer court. They came here to study all aspects of the religious protocol before entering the service in the ancient court.

Much of the damage, Chairat says, is the result of looting that started during the 1960s, much of thought to have been perpetrated by GIs stationed in the northeast in the wake of the Vietnam War.

The partially disfigured reclining vishnu lintel still adorns the gopura but the Shiva Linga from the main tower sanctuary is now missing.

From Sadokkokthom Temple, it's tempting to visit Aranyaprathet just opposite Poi Pet if for no other reason but to observe Cambodian life without actually crossing the border markets. These day, visitors come to Aranyaprathet for three main reasons: to try their luck in one of the casinos just over the border, to hail a Toyota Camry taxi for a Bt500 trip to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat or to shop at Talat Rong Klua market for handicrafts and products from Tonle Sap, Vietnam and China.

It's a hot and dusty market full of contradictions, with young Cambodians both selling their wares and begging for mercy. On the other side, buses with the names of casinos plastered on the windshield ferry gamblers across the border.

Around Aranyaprathet, there are a few more Khmer temples to be found. Since most are in ruins beyond restoration, they are better ignored. Instead, turn the car inland and head towards Prachin Buri on Highway 33.

Downtown Prachin Buri, just 155km from Bangkok, is a frenzied market town with ubiquitous restaurants, glassfront barber's shops and beauty salons. A favourite spot with locals is the Bang Pakong River, which boasts countless riverfront restaurants, temples and a spectacular Chinese shrine on its banks.

One of the best known attractions is Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, home to the renowned colonialstyle Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr building. Built in 1909 as a residence for King Rama V on his next visit to Prachin Buri, it was never graced by the monarch, as he passed away the following year. However, it did serve other members of the royal family including King Rama VI who visited in 1911.

Named after the son of the Cambodian ruler of Battambang who served the Fifth King when this city and other parts of Cambodia came under Siam's rule, the hospital is now known as a centre of traditional Thai medicine and produces the kingdom's best known line of herbal products.

From Prachin Buri, it's an easy drive south on Road 319 to the ancient Dvaravati city of Si Mahosot. Or, if you've had enough of history, can head northwards on Road 3077 to Khao Yai National Park with its renowned waterfalls, camping sites and wildlife observation stations

A favourite stopover on the northern route is Haeo Narok waterfall (literally "the hellish abyss"), which made the headlines some years ago when some hapless elephant calves strayed off the beaten track and fell 60 metres to their death.

Heading back to the urban sprawl, you either exit on the other side of the national park, in Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, and pop into Choke Chai farm for some tasty ice cream made from real milk, or make your way back to Prachin Buri and admire King Naresuan Shrine right at the intersection of Road 3077 and Highway 33.

After that, follow the highway for 15km to Nong Chaom fruit market, then turn left into Road 319 for Bangkok with a stop at Si Mahosot ancient city.

Prachin Buri and Sa Kaeo make for an incredible driving experience and a great weekend stay - check them out while the weather is still pleasantly cool and the showers still frequent.
Macau is not all about shopping and trying your luck in the casinos. This Sino-Portuguese isle is packed with things to see, places to go and fusion grub to enjoy.

Thanks to its EastmeetsWest character, Macau prides itself on fascinating architecture and the nostalgia of a World Heritage site.

Chinese decor is found in the famous AMa Temple, Kuan Tai Temple and many other small shrines tucked away in the street corners, while Portuguese traces are prominent in Macau's many squares, fortresses and bazaars.

Along the Inner Harbour, which is the old town of Macau, you'll see Chinese temples and Portuguese churches side by side. A stroll around reveals a former Portuguese community, Lilua Square, St Augustine's Square, the Old City's Wall, Guia Fortress, the Protestant Cemetery, St Anthony's Church and old Mandarinstyle houses and buildings.

A mustsee is the famous landmark ruin of St Paul's, a 16thcentury Church of Mater Dei destroyed in a fire in 1835. A few minutes' walk away is Senado Square, a massive shopping arcade full of local and internationalbrand shops.

The museums are also worth visiting, especially the Grand Prix Museum, opened in 1993 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix. It displays racing cars and trophies of celebrity racers, including Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard.

Don't forget to climb the 338metretall Macau Tower, where you can see the whole island - or skydive from the 61st floor!

Macanese food - a marriage of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine - is another thing that has to be tasted. Inspired by traditional Chinese dish, the grub is spiced up Portuguese style.

Try some codfish cakes, lemongarlic prawns and clams, pig's ear salad, African chicken and caldo verde soup. Then sweeten your palate with the famous crispy and smooth egg tart, milky sweet serra dura or creamy tijelada.
Nice day on the Cote d'Azur; early morning walk on the 'Promenade des Anglais'; sea calm, blue sky; bathers grasp the sun on the beach;
Nice day on the Cote d'Azur; early morning walk on the 'Promenade des Anglais'; sea calm, blue sky; bathers grasp the sun on the beach;

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Komodo National Park is famed for its monstrous lizards, but if you prefer not to have your abdomen ripped open by the fastmoving, splayclawed carnivores, the scuba diving there is fabulous.

In most places the sea is pristine and virtually untouched, thanks to the park's remoteness.

The park in Nusa Tenggara Barat province's West Flores consists of three islands - Komodo, Rinca and Padar.

It was established in 1980 to protect the Komodo dragon, found there and nowhere else on earth, and its status as a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve further indicates how sensitive the flora and fauna are.

I have dived in many wonderful places, but most pale in comparison to the colour and splendour of West Flores.

Most of the reefs are in immaculate condition. The coral is healthy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yesterday invited for dinner at cozy location, overlooking the Baie des Anges, breathtaking view. Weather turns chillier by the day now;

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Went to Antibes tonight to watch a football game. Returned at 10.00. Weather getting chillier,
nights now stiff.
Still, we enjoyed a bit of sunshine in Nice 's Rue Pieton near Massena.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spent the day in Mougins near Grasse. Nice town near Cannes, southern France. Today featured a "Vide Grenier". Hundreds of sellers displaying their ware around the town. You can reach Grass and Mougins from Cannes railway station by bus 600. Actually it is very convenient. The bus on the Cote is only 1 Euro subsidized fare. One can take the public bus with 1 Euro fare to all destinations within the Alpes Maritimes region.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Raining in Nice, France; gruesome scenes whilst walking on Avenue Jean Medecin. An attacker bashed his motorcycle helmet three times on a poor guys head, leaving him completely immobile. Profusely bleeding from his ears, no-body came to the rescue of the poor victim. Everything went so fast leaving everyone on the scene stunned. The whole thing happened on a street side cafe. Of course Police was nowhere to be found and within minutes the attacker was out of sight. Looked like a Mafia style hit carried out with a motorcycle helmet. The force of the helmet was enough to send the vicitim crashing between tables and chairs. What a memorable day on the Cote. Its a rainy day, its a rainy day .... The sailing boats have now dispappeared .... http:///

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wondering if you have been to Milan before.
If so - you missed out some great things.

Let's start from arriving in Milan, the great Italian city, capital of Lombardy.

This is the Hotel that features a former Mental Hospital or Ospedale Psichiatrico.
The Hostel is called Ostellolinda.
website :
Weird as it sounds, it also is.
Guests staying in the dormitories report strange sounds coming from behind walls at night.

Who knows perhaps some mental patients still lie there forgotten. One never wonders in Italy.

Radios glaring, guests are few, and staff even more so.

Well I didn't chose the place. Rather than that we coped with the 3 star Demidoff which is praised by lots of visitors, for whatever reason I did not make out.
Rooms are neat, cosy, spick and span. TV's only in Italian, so you need to quickly make up on language skills or be left out.
Italian room rates in Italy are steep. A 140 Euro setback occurs on a daily base. And that's for a start.
Go in for something bigger and your wallet takes an even worse hit.
Then the breakfast. It tops the list of all breakfasts in Italy and must so - I'm sure - elsewhere.
First morning - 1st surprise - no bread (rolls) left at 09.00 a.m. Complain to the Manager, and you're told that it would take 1 hour before new bread arrives.
So you cope with whatever is on hand. Dry crackers, cheeses, jam (these ones come plentiful), some fruit yogurts, which isn't that bad.
Cappuccino is on the house (which actually is surprising).
Some fruit tart wasn't bad though.
No exceptions. All guests arriving afterwards won't see even one piece of bread.
Complaints aren't welcome, nor noticed.
I vowed not to keep quiet, so this is my contribution.
If you go to Milano, ever, give the Demidoff a miss. It simply isn't worth the money.
Better head for the mental Hospital - Hostel.

in Milano, Italy

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big oil and Republicans a cozy relationship ....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Venetian delight

Area: 18.365 kmq
People: 4.381.000 ¿ 238 in./kmq
Chief town: Venice

By the administrative point of view, the Venice region is divided in the seven provinces of Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, Treviso, Venice, Verona, Vicenza. It includes the north-oriental division of Padanian land, between the Garda lake and the Adriatic sea and the Po, and a mountain division, represented by the Venetian Prealps and by an area of the Dolomitian Alps. These occupy the most northern appendix of the region, which extends to the high dock of the Piave river and goes as far as the border with Austria. In the level district rise lonelies the volcanic mountains Berici and Euganei. Besides Po, other important rivers are the Adige, the Brenta, the Piave, the Tagliamento. The coast area, low and sandy, is bordered by lagoons; Venice is in the centre of the most extensive lagoon. In the mountain district prevail the forest economy and the breeding. In the hilly district, at the foot of the prealpin mountains, is spread the vine-growing with production of famous wines. In the land are spread corn, sugar beet, tobacco, mulberry, potatoes, forage¿s cultivationes. Spread is the breeding. Prevail the textile industries, above all the wool industries of the Alto Vicentino; then there are industries of the hemp, the silk, the flax, the cotton. Importants the sugar mills of Polesine, the chemical and metallurgical industries of Porto Marghera and the mechanical works spread everywhere. Spread the Murano glass handcraft, the Burano lace handcraft, the glasses industries in Cadore, the art¿s forniture handcraft in Venice and Verona. Intense the fishery, either in the sea (Chioggia) or in the marshes. Numerous are the mountain and the bathing resorts along all the coast.
If your aim was to drive traffic, you won't be disappointed. The hundreds are streaming to see the 'Moringa people' site. We learn more from people around the world. Moringa people.
All friends - Brutal atrocities are carried out agains Christian brothers in India, Orissa State. Follow the events and click on the link provided here :

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Chinese vases collections
a 52 year-old guy in a relationship

Life of diversity FACEBOOK HEINZ on WORDPRESS Africasiaeuro Moringa Project Aheneghana Heinz Spaces Badongo Twitter
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More from the stumbler

Chinese vases collections
a 52 year-old guy in a relationship

Life of diversity FACEBOOK HEINZ on WORDPRESS Africasiaeuro Moringa Project Aheneghana Heinz Spaces Badongo Twitter
HeinzsPagesOnline now · Joined May 11/07
's: 598 · Fans: 61

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a 52 year-old guy in a relationship

Life of diversity FACEBOOK HEINZ on WORDPRESS Africasiaeuro Moringa Project Aheneghana Heinz Spaces Badongo Twitter
HeinzsPagesOnline now · Joined May 11/07
's: 598 · Fans: 61

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Thailand - violence turns bloody  clipped from www.channelnewsasia.comThailand declares state of emergency in Bangkok

Posted: 02 September 2008 0834 hrs BANGKOK: Thailand's embattled prime minister declared a state of emergency in the capital Tuesday after thousands of his opponents and supporters clashed in the worst street violence here in more than a decade.

One person was killed and dozens were injured, some of them from gunshot wounds, as a week of mass protests calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej spilled over into bloodshed overnight.

Samak had previously said he would not use force to push out the thousands of protesters who have occupied the main government complex since last week, but after the violence said it was now time for them to go.
See this clip on
stop attacks against Indian Christians  clipped from www.gfa.orgChristians Flee to Forests as Mob
Violence Escalates in Indian StateMob violence in India's Orissa state continues to escalate, and reports coming from Gospel for Asia leaders in Orissa say that as many as 20 GFA-related churches were destroyed and hundreds of Christian families have been burned out of their homes. At least a dozen members of GFA-related churches have been murdered, but no one knows the overall death toll."The Christians in Orissa have fled for their lives into the forests," GFA President K.P. Yohannan said, "and some have been in hiding for three days without food or water.New Attacks on Christians Spark Riots in Battered Orissa, IndiaSee this clip on  clipped from www.gospel.comThis is a repost of a Gospel For Asia update on the situation in Orissa. Head over to their site find out ways in which to pray for them.Increasing attacks on Gospel for Asia-related work in Orissa have resulted in the deaths of at least six local believers since radical mobs went on a rampage after the murder of a leading anti-Christian activist.Saturday night, Swami Laxamanananda Saraswati, a top leader of the VHP (World Hindu Council), was killed in an attack by 20 men suspected of being Maoist rebels. The Maosts had earlier warned the swami to leave the area. The attack, which included gunfire and a hand grenade, also killed four other people.According to the latest reports, at least six Christians who attended GFA-related churches have been killed.There are even reports of Catholic nuns being gang raped and murdered by the extremists. Some children and their parents have been in hiding, without food or water, since the rioting began on Sunday.deaths reported and attacksSee this clip on

Monday, September 1, 2008

Textiles company gone bust  clipped from www.vol.atPoker um F. M. HämmerleDornbirn - Nach der Übernahme der in Konkurs befindlichen Dornbirner Textilwerke F. M. Hämmerle durch die indische Oswal-Gruppe ist ein neuer Poker um das Unternehmen im Gange. See this clip on

Sunday, August 31, 2008

L’estate è il momento giusto per rinfrancare le buone regole dietetiche, alleggerire la tavola e liberarsi dagli eccessi, soprattutto dai dolci e dal carboidrato a tutti i costi.

Un aiuto concreto arriva dall’indice glicemico dei cibi, un parametro su cui si fondano importanti metodi dietetici ipocalorici. Il precetto è semplice: mantenere stabile e normale il livello degli zuccheri e dei grassi nel sangue.

C’è anche una buona notizia: i carboidrati non devono essere aboliti. Molto dipende dalla cottura e dalla preparazione: ad esempio, la pasta al dente ha un indice glicemico più basso rispetto alla pasta scotta. Le buone regole di cucina ci sono di aiuto, anche dal punto di vista dietetico!

Ai carboidrati comunque è meglio preferire i cereali integrali e i legumi. La soia, i fagioli, le lenticchie, i ceci, l’orzo, il farro contengono zuccheri a lento assorbimento ossia riducono la produzione di insulina e danno un senso di sazietà prolungato permettendoci di non pasticciare nel corso della giornata. Più sazietà, meno cali di zucchero, meno ipoglicemie transitorie: è un metodo semplice per coprire i buchi di stomaco.

La regola d’oro, pertanto, è scegliere gli zuccheri a lento rilascio e limitare il consumo dei grassi, soprattutto quelli saturi contenuti nei prodotti di origine animale: meglio bandire le carni grasse, gli insaccati, lo zucchero, i dolci e il burro. Via libera invece al pesce, quanto se ne vuole, perche’ contiene acidi grassi polinsaturi poco nocivi. Completare poi con frutta e verdura: il loro contenuto di fibre frena l’assorbimento degli zuccheri nell’intestino.

Infine non dimentichiamo le proteine: è consigliabile mantenerne un supporto generoso dando però la preferenza a quelle vegetali, i legumi in primo luogo.

Controllare l’indice glicemico significa anche evitare la propensione al diabete, una patologia in forte aumento nel nostro paese: il 4,5% della popolazione ne è affetto, soprattutto le donne.
Hi all

This warning is being broadcasted as per today.

Our thoughts are with the Millions of people affected.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Confucius4U : 'To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it. '

private collection of fine porcelain art  clipped from



2.80 m-large--blue-motives-flower-vase






Blue Dragon Vase-1












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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

China's : 'Red view of heaven';
truly marvelous:

Hong Jin Tian
CHINA revisited: GUANGDONG province, the 'Fruit city of China'

Tibetan delights; from a journey to TIBET :
CHINA revisited -
Grand statue of Buddha in Jiangsu:
Amazing - this Confucius, so here it goes for today :
CONFUCIUS_4_U: "The firm, the enduring, the simple, and the modest are near to virtue."
There 's lots more from him in the coming days.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The support we can give to WIDOWS AND ORPHANS is not merely a slogan.
It is a life project, we have accustomed to helping the poor.
We need to help those who are not as fortunate.
.. It's been almost 30 years. First trip to Sri Lanka, a paradise.
Inspite of all the negative media reports, I will venture once again to this jewel of all islands.
Always remember the sunsets near the Hill Station leading to Kandy. 5 o'clock teas amidst Tea Estates, silver cutlery, porcelain cups of the finest quality. Sri Lanka has something other places do not have.
The curries, oriental flavors, cinnamon fruit stews.
Memories come back.
Eheliyagoda, the town of gems, Saphires, rubies, Catseyes, Spinnels, Turqoise.
Squaremiles upon squaremiles of Tea Estate, the origin of the "Orange Pekoe', the prime of a all Black teas.
Now, after nearly 30 years, I managed to trace my old friend Johnny who in the 70's came to Africa to work in the Horticultural business.
I am thrilled to meet him again, the 30 years that have passed went by so fast.
Look forward to the sunset in the hills around Kandy once again.
There 's nothing compared to it.



Sri Lanka, paradise of unknown proportions.
Ceylon, my dream.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FEDEX record delivery : parcel arrived from Dubai after 6 months !! Complaint written to FEDEX ;

Monday, August 18, 2008

I continue to write about Tibet, its breath taking beauty, its mountains and valleys; Its magnificent people. The Ascent revives the moments of climbing into mountains of over 4000 m in altitude. A strenuos excercise that takes all one's breath.
The rewards for a 12 hour climb on steep mountain slopes : The breathtaking scenery one encounters. Peaceful surroundings, fresh, clean air, friendly, hospitable people.
Magnificent nature surrounding.
Yaks, shepherds, Chambar.
Ryefields grown entirely 'Bio', unchanged since thousand years.
A place where we hear Wolves howling at night, the occasional call of the coockoo.
Wonders of Tibet.

The ascent

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Where lies the legendary Shangrila ?
For many years we went to the bush, starting ealry morning at 3.00 a.m. Everyone asleep we experienced the wonders of an African morning. If it was only for the sunrise, a marvel in itself. But there is much more. And always there are surprises. A Cobra, a Guinea viper, a Monitor, an Antilope, or a Civet. Each time we went, surprises were never short in supply. We were the 'Okinini Obomomfuo' as we were called in the local dialect. Read about many stories from the Bush and elsewhere:
Working in Africa brings many surprises. The Africa we know from the media is different than the reality.

Chinese, Italian treasures of art

Exquisite art as seen in a friends home in china
Facebook art
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Facebook shows lots of pictures from individuals around the world. This is my contribution.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Widows and Orphans Movement

We help and participate in a good cause,

The Widows and Orphans

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Heinz Rainer posted a photo at 7:49am
A storm draws up in Nice, France
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A tale from Bourgogne, France. The region of Burgundy, as it is known in English, has many attractions. On the way from Geneva, we passed this marvelous countryside more than once, and this is what I found
My favorite Tibetan girl Xiao Qi
n a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. Confucius4U; Join a noble cause the:
more from a_traveler:

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a 52 year-old guy in a relationship

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Heinz work and travels
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Tibetan Impressions - journey to Tibet;
chekcing my rss feeds with yahoo messenger :
Hi friends

I have made this a pledge.
Let the world know about the injustices
that exist.

We support the 'Widows and Orphans Movement'

We invite you to visit our 'Facebook' pages.

Hola otra vez, Éste es el acoplamiento a nuestra causa.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tibetan experience - Wonders of Tibet ...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

horrific stories are being told by reliable sources;
newly born baby found in latrine alive, part of face, body being eaten by maggots.
Re-constructive surgery carried out, child survives after 3 agonizing months in Hospital.
Woman Orphanage bears medical cost.
These and other horrific stories are coming to us
through trusted channels.
[WOM]; For a worthy cause, join :
More than a cause - WOM - we stand to those who need us most.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

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