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Travelogue ET: Pakistan Part 11 - Suprises in Yasin Valley

Travelogue ET: Pakistan Part 11 - Suprises in Yasin Valley: 30 June 2013 Genap sudah 30 hari sejak saya memulakan perjalanan Silk Route daripada tanah besar China dan sekarang saya berada di bumi P...

One of the most outstanding blogposts I came across.

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Notice : Please be advised that due to Google translation this post contains grammar mistakes.
In spite of this I chose to re blog the article for its sheer outstanding quality of narration.


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Pakistan Part 11 - Suprises in Yasin Valley

30 June 2013 

Even after 30 days since I started traveling the Silk Route from mainland China and
now I was in the land of Pakistan, or more specifically in a small village not far from
the town Gupis, Ghizer Valley region, Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern Pakistan. The weather
is quite cold this morning, probably because of the rain last night so cold weather in
Ghizer Valley as the land is high.

My room was located right beside the lake. When leaving the room, I enjoyed the
fresh morning air, the lake is calm and looks like grass wet with dew in the morning
exhausted. So fresh atmosphere here in the morning and felt a little cold. I normally
do not get dragged out wearing a thin sweater black colored convertible that was my
take anywhere.

After updating their backpack, we marched out of the hotel and continued our journey
to the next destination of the Yasin Valley.

Oh yes, before the Yasin Valley we again went to the lake yesterday to find my lost
sandals with no luck because not even find it. Quite a mystery also ni lost my slippers,
but takpelah.
Perhaps my slippers ni hiding in Pakistan for not going back to Malaysia? Hm, ok ignore.

From Gupis to Yasin Valley takes about 2 hours by jeep. Along the way, it feels like
we have not bumped into any other vehicle. Travel with the shade of the morning
through several small villages.

Cold weather in Yasin Valley
Roadside waterfall
Yasin River
Sometimes we came across a child who was playing in the street. They saw that we
were traveling in a jeep with a full face question mark. There is also a cheering and
waving to us.

I was fascinated to see children there. Like many children who come from Gilgit
Baltistan, they also brown-haired and blue-colored eyes. Gorgeous.

Cute little girls
On the way we also walk the rocky gravel with water flowing over the road, as if our 
jeep crossing a small stream. It's a trip here is always full of surprises, but a pleasant 
surprise for me. 

Yasin river with Hindukush background. Credit photo: Raji
Raji occasional trip stop by the river for fishing. Yasin River is very clear and quite 
strong so enthrall me. 

Yasin river clear and rapid
Then we went on a trip up to the road where it dead in front of the river and the bridge 
is just a timber that appeared to be quite ill. 

Wooden Bridge
Me with the jeep. Credit photo: Raji
According to Raji we will start trekking from there. Jeep we left the river and just take
1 daypack which we fill with little food. Water is not necessary, as can drinking only
water flowing in situ, free-flow.

We walk and Raji tells a bit about the area. He said a lot of trekking that can be started
from there, including trekking up across the border in Afghanistan. I'm pretty excited
to hear it, but we certainly will not be trekking there that day. Maybe one day?

Trekking we are quite relaxed with a cool and way too pretty flat to slide along the river
Yasin. It is ideal to enjoy the natural scenery here sipping fresh air.

After a few minutes we were trekking, we stumbled upon a small house. There are also
several local women there who was probably around 40's are chatting. Raji address them,
I can only salute as a mark of respect. While I can not communicate with them because
of the language problem, but I can feel them very welcome me in their village. I can only
reply with a smile.

We went on a trip and met a girl berselendang black, rubber-shod and hugging a bottle
of 'lassi' that feels larger than its own hands. It feels strange because she walked alone
in the forest without the company of anyone.

We say hello to the girl. His name Yusra was only 10 years old. She was on her way to
her grandmother's house. A conversation between me and Yusra was limited because
he was not so fluent in English. But I can see he is a very articulate and do not be afraid
to talk to strangers.

After a long walk together and talk with him, I now know Yusra is a Hafizah that has
memorized the entire Qur'an. Besides, it is also very eloquent in speaking about politics
and current issues of Pakistan with Raji. I was amazed he made, how a child as young
as Yusra can talk about current issues that are quite heavy.

Are the majority of children's minds here is this? Perhaps due to the surrounding
circumstances make them mature faster than normal. Their appearance is also quite
mature in my real age. Just look at the face of Yusra, so beautiful as if it was in her
early 20s.

Yusra. Credit photo: Raji
After about 1 hour of walking together, we arrive at a small house made of stone.  
That's the house where the grandmother lived Yusra. Yusra foremost in rejecting calls 
we stopped first at the home of his grandmother. To not him down, we stopped briefly. 

Yusra grandmother's house
Yusra grandmother a small house made of stone and a square. Very unique to me.
The entrance is also quite small and low. We had a little bending of the body to get
into the house. In one corner of the house is lined with a mattress rest brightly colored
thin. In the middle of the house there is a wood burning fire to keep warm and they
also cook a kettle of water on it.

When you go in the house, I saw grandma Yusra was sitting near a bonfire in the
middle of the house.Yusra grandmother wearing traditional dress and looks very
old and already bent. There is also the uncle and mother Yusra there. We greeted
and invited to sit down at their resting place.

It feels a bit uncomfortable because we got a little warm with a bonfire at the home
center. But thick smoke occasionally make our eyes feel quite painful.

They gave us a drink 'lassi' Yusra brought earlier. Feeling 'lassi' they are quite strong
compared to the 'lassi' at Malaysia. I spent quite difficult cup 'lassi' is, but I try to drink
as much as you can. Raji have asked me quietly, can I spend 'lassi' because maybe
he noticed me hard to finish.

Chat in the house
Raji lot of talking to my uncle and mother Yusra. They even invited us for lunch and
stay in their homes.This is common in Pakistan, where guests are invited to stay at
home even just know a few minutes ago. But we have to push for good.

After some time at grandma's house Yusra, both of us are asking themselves as they
were to proceed further and Yusra trekking with us.

We walked again, the weather is still cold even though it was already shown at 2pm.
We stopped by the river and remove the food we brought in a bag. We ate several
packets of biscuits as a snack and also the stomach lining.

Just love the scenery. Credit photo: Raji
It feels completely different snack riverside backdrop Hindukush ranges. Fresh air with 
the sound of the river rapids Yasin cool is not easy for me indefinitely. 

Raji and Yusra
Me with Yusra. Credit photo: Raji
After a while we chat there, we were forced to move to return to the place where we
left the last jeep.If Include I do still want to go trekking, but according to Raji him to
'save' the places more beautiful to me to come back here. Sneaky is not it? Lol.

While walking home Yusra told he plans to go to his uncle's house on foot. Raji asked
him for a ride on our jeep only later. Yusra agree, but he said he must ask permission
from her mother to go with us.

Me with Yusra walking together. Credit photo: Raji
After a long walk we ended up back at grandma's house last Yusra and Yusra go directly
to her mother.We were just waiting outside the house.

Mother Yusra out and talk briefly with Raji while Yusra look further persuaded his mother.
Shortly thereafter Yusra has got permission from her mother to join us: P

Without delay we ask ourselves again and continue walking until you reach the point
we left the jeep yesterday. We continue to trudge homeward Yusra uncle. Yusra with
petahnya to show the way to the house of his uncle.

After about 15-20 minutes away by jeep we finally got home Yusra uncle. Again Yusra
foremost in rejecting invites us to stop at the home of his uncle. It was already around
at 4 am if I'm not mistaken.To not him down, we agreed to stop by.

Home uncle Yusra quite luxurious compared to the standard house local people there.
According Yusra, his uncle is a politician in the area.

Yusra's uncle house. Credit photo: Raji
Yusra uncle got home we saw some kids there that looks almost the same age as Yusra
play in the yard.They look at us with a puzzled face. Perhaps the rare outsiders who come
to their home.

Yusra lead us both into the house and took a seat in advance. Living rooms are quite
spacious and comfortable hotel. In fact, there are also toilets in this space for the use
of guests who have visited.

We were both waiting in the living room chatting empty. Shortly afterward a man in
his 40s, his face quite serious to me and shook hands with Raji. No joke, that's her
uncle Yusra.

Yusra's uncle. Credit photo: Raji
Shortly thereafter Yusra came with two plates full of cherry picked himself from a tree
not far from the home of his uncle. Today we are living longer treated with fresh
cherries :)

Cherries! Credit photo: Raji
Raji and uncle Yusra much chat about politics. I do not understand the language they
continue to eat the cherries only.

Approximately 10 minutes after they talk to you, Sir Yusra up from his seat and left
the two of us. Within a few minutes he came back while carrying a tray of food for us.
We should not expect them to entertain us with chapatti, trout (my favorite!), Fried
eggs and chai. God bless our luck again on that day :)

Chapati, trout, fried eggs and chai. Credit photo: Raji
While we were eating and chatting up adding a few cups of chai again. As it was already
late afternoon, we ask ourselves to find Yasin town to stay the night. Uncle Yusra in
earnest only told us to stay in his home. But as usual Raji just thankful for good and
reject call Yusra's uncle.

Before leaving the house my uncle Yusra we also managed to take a photo together
as a keepsake :)

Group photo. Credit photo: Raji
Yusra uncle sent us up to the jeep. That's very good hospitality towards guests even
though we were both just strangers who stop by for sending Yusra there.

After saying goodbye, we went straight to the town Yasin find hotels to stay the night.
After checking in the hotel, we were both out and walk in a nearby village.

Hotels in Yasin Valley
It was once a beautiful and peaceful village in Yasin Valley. We went through a big
bridge to cross the river. We walked chatting and all of a sudden it was getting dark
soon. Because idly chatting we did not realize that we had to walk quite a distance
from the hotel. We walked back to the hotel with the dark street.

Arriving at the hotel we were both rest and the next day we went on a trip to
Phandar Valley. Stay tuned!

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Secondhand textile machines, finishing machines and weaving machines

How are jeans produced?

Some of us have little idea how jeans are made, lets be honest.

We all wear them, use them in our daily lives.
Nobody ever thinks how they are made.

It takes a lot of hard work to produce a good pair of jeans.

You can read more here : Jeans

In this video you can watch some of the processes


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How to produce your own CDN page

CDN - content delivery network

Ever wondered why your competitor has more page views than you - or why his page loads

Nothing is more devastating for your page rank than a slow loading website.
CDN services can be bought a pricey tag on Amazon, Rack space, or other web hosting services.

What a CDN basically does is it stores your web content  with other services around the globe,
depending on quality of host.

CDN hosting is not for everyone.But it goes without saying that big guys rely on it. They need fast services.

Though you may not feel it is important, remember this : A page load speed of anything more than 3.5 seconds is considered low these days.

Google considers a fast page loading speed as a top priority.

Whilst there are other important factors to be considered, page loading speed is on the top of its requirements.

Have a look at this page and check its loading speed :

See how fast it loads.

You can check the speed here :

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Strange blogging

Strange blogging - new and unbiased truth illustration. Strange photography strange videos strange subjects. Strange blog.

strange blogging