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Man of steel ( re-published from articlesbase )

Man of Steel- Walter Lukesch, Hptm

Author: Heinz Rainer
April 10th, 1975, Kaisersteinbruch Garrison, Austria

0600 a.m., sharp call : Tagwache !

Everyone's up in a second, some try to procrastinate.
15 min later, the last sleepers are thrown out of their beds.
Morning toilet, fetching breakfast by the corporals of day, 07.30 we are ready.

Standing in formation, the captain appears. He has returned from his daily 1 hour jog in the woods of the Blue quarry, the Emperors quarry, where granite was broken for the famous Vienna Ringstrasse in Imperial Austria.

When he appears, the company is quiet. No-nonsense expression, a man of steel, he won't demand more than he can deliver himself. Problem - it's a lot.

No one i have ever seen with more a will of steel, a massive amount of stamina.

One shout, plain and clear, comes out from 140 recruits : "Good morning, Herr Hauptmann !"

When the jog begins, we all sigh. The more we pant, the more he gets agile. Never ending strength, a bear, almost animalic, a real soldier.
After 1 hour, we are near exhaustion, the daily astronautic exercises start.
12 x 12 standard exercises. Close to exhaustion we make it through this morning.

With every day passing, our stamina improves, our bodies get harder and more durable.
Each muscle hurting, we have been turned into physical powerhouses.
He leads the company to the 'Pannonian plains', marching through the night, through forests, trancelike we follow, he is right ahead of us, and knows each stone in his territory. Explaining from History how Huns, Mongols and other enemies invaded these plains in the past. He shows remarkable historic knowledge in his quest to make us better soldiers.
Trained by Walter Lukesch, a statement that carries weight in our Army's chronicles.
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A China nightmarket

China night market

Along the western border with Myanmar this Chinese night market shows its wares to potential customers.

One can find most consumer items, but in particular mentions worthy are jewelry made of jade, coming in all shapes, colors, designs and price.
It is one market where one can obtain Jade at very reasonable low prices.
Hair accessories, handbags, leather items, shoes, perfumes, and almost all other items need in daily life are also obtainable.

Watch the video below :


a visit to a Chinese night market

To watch video pls click following LINK: CHINA NIGHT MARKET

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BBQ Austria Slovenia 2013

BBQ Austria Slovenia 2013
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a summer vacation and a bbq in green surrounding

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Treasure island - boat launching festival

The real treasure island | Island in the ocean |  Atlantic ocean | A boat launching ceremony filmed by