Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magic of Cheung Chau

Imaginary beauty awaits one on this magnificent tell-tale spot of all Islands in the South China Sea.
Whenever venturing out here your mind will return back to days when you confronted with less stress and
One deserves this treat - at least once in a lifetime - relaxing near the surf, enjoying a leisurely stroll beside the fishing Harbor, enjoying a high caliber protein laden seafood dinner with candle light, before retiring with the sounds of the waves into a relaxing sleep. 
All this happens on the Island of Cheung Chau, so next time don't miss out on it.
Some pictures from the amazing Island :

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More - art and more - AAE

Do you love art? Then, which form of art ? 
Here we are confronted with zig options. Daily. 
Paintings, sculptures, photography, and much more 

I found pleasure in collecting art on porcelain.
I fell in love with master pieces I saw, crafted by 
artisans of immense skill.

On many occasions did I visit their simple workshops, sometimes
in freezing conditions, sometimes in scorching heat.

I am drawn to them for the beauty they create.
Timeless, everlasting.

Their work will remain when they are long gone.

We honor them, we owe so much to them for 
letting us share their vision and beauty.

Art  AAE  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ming Qu - re-live the Ming Dynasty

This city in central China is being rebuilt from scratch, a mammoth project on all levels.
All old buildings - mainly built during the Mao area are being razed to the ground, and replaced by new, modern buildings.
The city has embarked on a ten year campaign to complete modernization.

A historic place since thousands years, the city carries its heritage to a new modern futuristic design, where old and new is blended in harmony.

Here we see the replica of the Temple in Kaifeng being rebuilt, along with several other Ming style buildings. I watched carpenters trim and plane wood logs to join them in the traditional way.

No nail is found in ancient chinese buildings, and so it is kept till today. Planks, trusses are joined with wooden pegs into a harmonious design of pure wood art craftsmanship.

A scent of pine and fir can be found all over the new buildings. Apart from the fact that fir trees are used for construction, nothing but sheer beauty and architectural ancient chinese delights.

Will venture to another marvel to report here with more pictures soon.

from China


Friday, November 12, 2010

Art story

Art story:

World of Kublai Khan

Under the Mongol Yuan dynasty (1271–1368), China, for the first time in its long history, was subjugated by foreign conquerors, becoming part of the Mongol Empire. Yet during this century of occupation, Chinese culture not only survived but was renewed, and Yuan artists established new paradigms that had a profound influence on painting and calligraphy during the ensuing Ming dynasty (1368–1644).
The installation is organized chronologically into three sections. The first section, which focuses on the period from 1280 to 1350, illustrates the response of literati living in south China to Mongol occupation. Having withdrawn from government service out of loyalty to the fallen Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279) or having been prevented from serving due to the cessation of civil service examinations, these men often found sanctuary in the alternate bureaucracies of the Daoist or Buddhist religious establishments. Turning to art to express their emotions, they created escapist visions of unattainable paradises or wintry landscapes in which old trees became a metaphor for survival.

Mongols ruled China from 1271 - 1368 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dinner 4-2 - not the usual type

We all look for something special to eat once in a while. When I stayed in Ayudhya province in Thailand this wish almost became too much to bear.

Venturing out daily into surrounding areas I would enjoy local dishes from grilled chicken and Khao Neyou sticky rice, and Papaya Salads. 

After work there was always ample opportunity to savor Thailand's great cuisine. Some of the most impressive moments were spent alongside the deadliest creatures.

One evening, before closing up, I was sitting in my office when I received a call from the main gate to come and join the workers for dinner.

When driving past the main gate, I found a crowd of 10 Thais, from security and Management, personal friends of the Big guy (waving long hair) inviting me to chilly friend Cobra.

It would take some minutes I was told, whilst watching the 2.7 m Cobra being skinned and  gutted. Not the best views to raise one's appetite, but those who engaged in the skillful operation had no such thoughts in mind.

Need less to say, the look of the blood drenched hands of the butchers, the half skinned Naja Naja made me  nauseous I declined politely, yet brought myself to take some everlasting shots, some of which I dare not to show here.

This is our shot of today :
Naja Naja 

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010