Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nana Ya - MusicAndSoul

Nana Ya - MusicAndSoul

Nanaya at the Fete de la musique,
Festival of Francophone music in Accra, June 20 th, Accra.

Enjoying performances of great artists is our passion.
Nanaya is a Ghanian artist who performs in many countries
around the world.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heineken Jammin Festival 2010 - Venice - Meeting in Venice

Heineken Jammin Festival 2010 - Venice - Meeting in Venice

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This year Venice will be a candidate to become the capital of rock, when 3 to 6 July, the best of international music will head to San Giuliano Park with 'Heineken Jammin Festival. For four days the great rock stars will perform, thanks to an exceptional cast like Aerosmith, Cranberries, Greenday, Black Eyed Peas and Pearl Jam.

The 76 acres of land overlooking the lagoon will host the Camp (Free only for subscriptions to four days), a cinema and a shuttle service to Venice, and of course the two stages for concerts and all other suitable areas of the festival. Will not fail like every year the contest for emerging bands, alongside the big names in rock in the splendid setting of Venice.

July 3
The Cranberries

July 4
Green Day

July 5
Club Dogo
The Black Eyed Peas

July 6
Skunk Anansie
BEN HARPER & THE Relentless 7

Shanghai Kiss soul connection

Shanghai kiss connection

Music and soul on Shanghai Kiss

More than music. Music and soul on "Shanghai kiss".

China, 'africasiaeuro' style

Amazing Ghana - Ewe music - MusicAndSoul

Amazing Ghana - Ewe music - MusicAndSoul

This ethnic performer rocks. Her dance movements combined with ethnic rhythms are outstanding. A talented, young performer captures her audiences.
Seeing her is believing in pure, African soul and rhythms. For Connoisseurs of African music, this is imaginary music.

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Encounter at Dusk, Border of Ivory Coast (part II)

Encounter at Dusk, Border of Ivory Coast (part II)

Encounter at dusk, Odienne border, Ivory Cost part (II)
..The Forest Leopard turns, his tail still twitching, and in a sudden movement towards the edge of the forest, it disappears into the thick.
In the time that follows, everyone in the vehicle is silent, deep sunk in his or her own thoughts, figuring out what could have or could not have been, was it not for some greater power protecting them.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Oilspill disaster and associated hazards

At the start of the oil spill cleaning-up campaign I questioned the level of protection for oilspill workers and volunteers, operating in an extremely hazardous working environment.

Increasing by the minute, humans are exposed to toxic vapors (benzines, lighter Hydrocarbons), the risk factor for suffering irrepairable damage to organs becomes greater.

My first thought was : Where are your protective masks ? to those strolling the beaches in search of visible HC 's (tar, etc).

Those on sea, cleaning the slick are no less endangered. Evaporating from under the sea 's surface, the lighter Molecular HC's will cover the water surface and the unfortunate will inhale it invariably, at a tremendous health cost.

More can be read in the clip below. Dhas already been done by the time the nauseous visit the doctor. His bloodstream has become contaminated, the effects of HC toxins have become apparent.

In the final analysis, no worker should have entered the danger zone without activated carbon masks, just as in case of chemical pollution. Why they were not handed out immediately is a question that those responsible for cleaning up OP will have to answer at some stage, be it now or later.

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