Sunday, November 30, 2008
amidst growing tensions we remain stranded-Bangkok, Thailand!6E473F4E9B767961!707.entry
We won't forget!6E473F4E9B767961!707.entry
reminiscence of past : old visions return
The coup : ; ; ;
seen it all before;
Airport blocked; foreigners stranded; Political stand-off between Democratic party and ruling government; 30 000 - 50 000 demonstrators occupy main airport; Demonstrators vowed not to leave, if government attempts to dislodge, they will fight back;
Plan 'C' : overland to Laos, Vientiane, then on to China Kunming; Shanghai; all in all involves time and inconveniences; such the live of a traveler.
Plan 'B' : shall go overland to Laos - China border, continue through Jinghong to Kunming, then Shanghai;