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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magic of Cheung Chau

Imaginary beauty awaits one on this magnificent tell-tale spot of all Islands in the South China Sea.
Whenever venturing out here your mind will return back to days when you confronted with less stress and
One deserves this treat - at least once in a lifetime - relaxing near the surf, enjoying a leisurely stroll beside the fishing Harbor, enjoying a high caliber protein laden seafood dinner with candle light, before retiring with the sounds of the waves into a relaxing sleep. 
All this happens on the Island of Cheung Chau, so next time don't miss out on it.
Some pictures from the amazing Island :

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ITALIA Intermezzo

Venice, Padova, Monterosso, Milano, Bolognia, Rome, Naples, ..
Who does not know the names.

Travel to Italy is a cultural, culinary, delight for those who are inspired by art, culture, beauty, culinary delights.

Travel to cites of great masters of Art, such as Titian, Vivaldi, Michelangelo, Raffael, and countless more.

Most intriguing, my visit to Venice always is inspired by exploring the many hidden alleys, where one can find churches, monasteries. Passing through one the alleys on a Friday afternoon, you will hear some of the most astounding Friar prayers. 

Enjoying to discover new beauties in Venice.Inspiring, I went back several times to savor its great history, art. 

In an instance you are drawn to the city, arriving, like most of us will, at Venezia Santa LuciaThe train station opens to a spectacular view on he Canale Grande.

Even the Pizza in the Stazzione tastes marvelous, some of the best Pizzas ever enjoyed (apart from Mama Mia in Accra, or the ones baked by my friend Mario, who is a marvel when it comes to Pizzas (not only Pizzas, he is a great Italian Chef !)

I am contemplating to bring him here to China to open a Pizzeria here. (Not fully finalized plans, so don't get me on that.

When strolling through the marvelous city, one can sense the history of a thousand years, where Marco Polo took off to reach where I now live (with the difference that took him months of traveling under great endurance).

I turn to an alley where everything seems quiet, a tiny alley leading to another one a labyrinth of hidden lanes.
Hearing the calming sound from Santa Maria, I enter the church and the Echo of prayer engulfs me. Te Friar's choir praises God, singing in  Latin. One stands still at such calming moments.

I stay on to enjoy the calm that has set in. All worldly aspects forgotten, drifting into eternity, mind and soul seem to detach. Yes I am a believer, thanking god he has given me the opportunity to come to this place of worship.

Italian Intermezzo

Friday, August 20, 2010


Blog from Cebu, Phillippinnes, by Blogger
Honesto III Avellanosa


Happy Kadayawan 2010

I'm two days late from the start of the Kadayawan Festivalcelebration. It started the other day until on the 22nd, Sunday. Unfortunately, time didn't permit me to go back to my hometown. But anyway, I can still witness the festival through live video streaming and website updates here on the Net. So to contribute some updates I might as well give you some information about this great annual festival in Davao.

Kadayawan is derived from the word Madayaw, which means in Davaoeno, something good, right, positive, productive, beautiful, great, or awesome--in layman's term. So if Madayaw is an adjective, Kadayawan is a noun, as in goodness or righteousness.

Kadayawan began in 1986 with a different name: Apo Duwaling. It was a part of the government's initiative to unite all Davaoenos and to declare Davao as the most peaceful and most liveable city in the country. This was after the EDSA Revolution in 1986.

"Apo Duwaling" was once a festival of flowers, fruits, and people dancing on the streets. "Apo" is named after the highest peak in the Philippines which is the Mt. Apo. Duwaling is a shortcut for "Du" as in Durian, a delectable fruit abundant in Davao, and "Waling" asWaling-Waling, Davao's proud flower. That is why it was called Apo Duwaling.
Image from
It was in 1988 when Mayor Rodrigo Duterte changed the name from "Apo Duwaling" to "Kadayawan sa Dabaw." Up until now, the same festival of flowers and fruits parade and street dancing called "Indak Indak sa Kadalanan" are still practiced yearly. Now, theKadayawan Festival 2010 is called as K10, short for Kadayawan 2010.

For more info, events, and daily activities on this Kadayawan week, just click one of the links below:

Happy Kadayawan Festival to all Davaoenos! Kamadayaway Kadi! ;-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once in a while ...

.. we come across a good Blog. This is one : 

Well written and lots of coverage. Highly recommended.


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