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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Red Tea Classics

Red Tea Classics
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AAE has more than 120 different teas which it markets. Amongst them, notably are some of the most valued teas known to connoisseurs :
Oolong from Ali Shan mountain. Our main attraction : Pu Er Cha (Pu Er) the tea of longevity fro south western Yunnan 's mountainous region. This tea has no equivalent. It has been appraised since thousands of years as one of the life prolonging elixirs that exist in this world.
From our own experience, when we visited the Region we found numerous old folks who sip Pu Er throughout the day, and it is safe to claim their health is astounding.
The oxidants in Pu Er are much comparable with the well known French Red Wines, but lack the Alcohol.
Our red tea classics are the next we would like to appraise to you.
The West only knows so called 'Black tea' whilst in the East we call it 'Red Tea' which gives more relevance to its red, distinct color tone.
Whatever your choice, Red Tea, Pu Er, or the more stringent 'Green teas' we have them. The price ranges are largely depending on the origin, with Oolong from Taiwan the most expensive.
Also of interest will be the 'Black Buckwheat tea' that TCM has been favoring for thousands of years to reduce High Blood Pressure. Of course, there will be those who prefer to swallow crude oil derivates rather than sipping daily a herbal tea with functions less stringent. We do not want to entice anyone who is not convinced that herbal teas are a subtler method to cure one's ailments, at a prolonged period however.
We come to another tea, Longjin tea, which is another type of green tea growing in Eastern China around Hanzghou. The teas are a bit milder in taste comPared to Oolong.
There are those who are Longjin aficionados who swear on drinking Longjin tea.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Consumer sentiments - realistic or not ? by Africasiaeuro - Online Marketing For Every Small Business | BizBrag

Consumer sentiments - realistic or not ? by AAE

Consumer sentiments - realistic or not ?

Company: Africasiaeuro • Posted August 7, 2010 6:42 PM
We consider our present economic problems a menace brought upon us by cheap labor from third world countries. No thorough consideration has been given to the fact, that developing Nations needed to make a strive so their citizens may become more prosperous.
In western economies, countless industries have been operating for centuries, much so in U.S. and European countries. Their gains were - in most cases - astronomical. For over a century there was no competition. Products were sold locally and on the overseas market. Margins were at fantastic levels.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jeans and T-Shirts, Apparels Export- africasiaeuro

Jeans and T-Shirts, Apparels Export- africasiaeuro

Apparels by Africasiaeuro