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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Begonias in Upper Bavarian town of Tutzing

Begonias in Germany

Last summer I went to visit my old friends Thomas and Malinee in Upper Bavaria.
I had not seen them in years since our last unexpected meeting in Penang, Malaysia.
Waiting for a bus to Cameroon Highlands, we were standing at the Terminal, when suddenly
I saw a smiling face, arms wide opened for an embrace, coming towards me.
It was Thomas, and his wife Malinee.

By chance they had been in the same area, we were meant to meet.
Strange things happen, and this certainly was one coincidence.

To put it in words of my long gone friend Toni, he would say :
there are no coincidences in life, referring to his clairvoyant abilities.

So here I was, back at their home in Germany. We spent awesome days
in Weilheim, and Tutzing. We had great walks, strolling along the Starnberger See,
and the surroundings.

Since many years I hadn't come to Germany to see them, and this was one of the
most pleasant trips I had made in years.

The views awaiting me were just a astounding. I know Bavaria from my previous
travels, but had not been to Tutzing.
On Sunday we went to the St. Benediktine Monastery which stands majestically
over hundreds of years, signifying the importance of Religion in these parts of Bavaria.

Bavarians are devoted Christians and some of the most interesting Monasteries
I have seen is the St. Benediktine Abbey.

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