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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Past the New Year

Hi folks, we 're at it again. Festivities behind us, sumptuous dinners, brunches, lunches. No more Mistletoe, 'Away in a manger', Silent Night', etc. Till ending of this year. All very cool, still - it has turned all too commercial - in my opinion.

23rd we were invited to a wedding of close to a thousand invited and another hundreds of uninvited guests, all set in the garden of a local 5 Star Hotel. Cost per head was a cool 100 $ for food, not including the Dom Perignon flowing in hundreds of liters (and bottles).

All in all, the money spent on the dnner alone was near to 200000 $. Sure, one would say, that's not a lot comparing it to Donald Trumps wedding.

In a country, where average incomes hover near the the 100 Bucks a month mark, some would say, this sounds extravagant.

The bride looked lovely, the groom very handsome, and both looked relaxed when they marched down the aisle. We wish you Y. and  Y. all the best for your future.

Sometimes, things go wrong on a Notebook, or PC for that matter.

I bought a new NB as a gift for a friend of ours. When configuring my old NB, I realized there was a bug that had affected my OS and I needed to revamp my system.

Backup, format, reinstalling, restoring took some time. It was frustrating, inspite of all backups one can possibly imagine, like Macrium reflect, Titan, Genie, WD backup 1 TB disc, and Windows Backup.

Best solution in my opinion : Windows Transfer File Program. I found it the best to use.
It gave me no headache to reinstal my mailaccounts, restoring my Documents, my settings.

All others work, but if you want to restore to a Windows based system, I recommend Windows File Transfer App. It does the job well enough.

Have you ever experimented with a RAM disk (for those with enough RAM at least 2GB should be good, and if you have DDR3 MEM you are set for some surprises.

Put all my Internet Temp folder on RAM disk, and pages are loading in a flash.

So, leave a comment if you need some advice of how to install your own RAM disk.

Till next time, wish you all well and Happy New Year 2011,