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Friday, December 3, 2010

Star of Guangdong

Xiao Liu, great singer of Guangdong province ..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Country-style, Guangdong province

Three full years since we visited this jewel in Guangdong province.
Full six hours from Guangzhou takes the drive, yet the rewards are always full of delights.

Our lunch today is typical local fare, it includes : Soup of duck, pig's intestines, stir fried spring onions with Dofu (Tofu), young green locally grown vegetables in a soup, diced duck  with herbs,  with Soy sauce and garlic dip.

It's Pomelo's  season, the pink huge citrus fruits are found everywhere in the markets here. We love the pink fruits, eaten prior to the main dishes  they add to your eating experience.

The meal is rounded off with excellent green tea, grown  on  mountains nearby.

Our friends are teachers of the local High school, barrages of questions from wisdom-seeking students await us when entering there.

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