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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hong Kong - what future does it hold for the former colony

Hong Kong bong

FOREWORD : Excuse the grammatical errors contained in this document. Translation from Chinese into English causes some difficulties
The statement of the Hong Kong publication does not reflect our opinion.

We are of the view however that Hong Kong will not remain the same if demonstrations will not cease.
We also must stress that there were no free and fair elections in Hong Kong for the past 100 years, during British colonial rule.

Further news will follow here as soon as they have been made public.

Hong Kong bong – new dawn on horizon?

This article was published on Wordpress and can be read  HERE

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A China nightmarket

China night market

Along the western border with Myanmar this Chinese night market shows its wares to potential customers.

One can find most consumer items, but in particular mentions worthy are jewelry made of jade, coming in all shapes, colors, designs and price.
It is one market where one can obtain Jade at very reasonable low prices.
Hair accessories, handbags, leather items, shoes, perfumes, and almost all other items need in daily life are also obtainable.

Watch the video below :


a visit to a Chinese night market

To watch video pls click following LINK: CHINA NIGHT MARKET

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chinese cooking - China kitchen tricks and terms

CHINA cooking and Chinese food Menu

Who has not come across this. You sit in a Chinese restaurant, entertaining your guests or family, but you are lost. Lost for words, lost what to say, lost what to order.

Sure, we all do it : 'Looking at the neighbor's table and see what they have ordered.'

Next, most embarrassing moment : 'We want the same dish as our neighbor', by the way: 'What are they eating' ?

Of course there are alternatives. We ask our companion to order for us. Or we ask a friend. We can always look somewhat stupid.

Especially if business colleagues accompany us.

Years ago I was in the same position. Not anymore, I found a great way to order food, pronouncing the names in its correct way.

It doesn't go unnoticed is all I can say.

Chinese Menu is available on

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laozi - Tao te ching

The reason that can be reasoned is not the ever-one Reason
The name that can be named is not the ever-one Name,
Nameless, it is the mainspring of the Cosmos
Named, it is mother matrix of Nature.

So be without desire 
to behold its inner enigma
And be within desire 
to behold its outer image.
The two are paired: enigma, image
Emerging the same,
Diverging in name.
Their sameness is the riddle
Riddled dark with riddles,
The entryway to outright enigma.

Tao te Ching

Credits: A.Z. Freeman - translations
Photography: Africasiaeuro

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Country-style, Guangdong province

Three full years since we visited this jewel in Guangdong province.
Full six hours from Guangzhou takes the drive, yet the rewards are always full of delights.

Our lunch today is typical local fare, it includes : Soup of duck, pig's intestines, stir fried spring onions with Dofu (Tofu), young green locally grown vegetables in a soup, diced duck  with herbs,  with Soy sauce and garlic dip.

It's Pomelo's  season, the pink huge citrus fruits are found everywhere in the markets here. We love the pink fruits, eaten prior to the main dishes  they add to your eating experience.

The meal is rounded off with excellent green tea, grown  on  mountains nearby.

Our friends are teachers of the local High school, barrages of questions from wisdom-seeking students await us when entering there.

Earlier article : Lychees, Longans and Pagodas

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magic of Cheung Chau

Imaginary beauty awaits one on this magnificent tell-tale spot of all Islands in the South China Sea.
Whenever venturing out here your mind will return back to days when you confronted with less stress and
One deserves this treat - at least once in a lifetime - relaxing near the surf, enjoying a leisurely stroll beside the fishing Harbor, enjoying a high caliber protein laden seafood dinner with candle light, before retiring with the sounds of the waves into a relaxing sleep. 
All this happens on the Island of Cheung Chau, so next time don't miss out on it.
Some pictures from the amazing Island :

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More - art and more - AAE

Do you love art? Then, which form of art ? 
Here we are confronted with zig options. Daily. 
Paintings, sculptures, photography, and much more 

I found pleasure in collecting art on porcelain.
I fell in love with master pieces I saw, crafted by 
artisans of immense skill.

On many occasions did I visit their simple workshops, sometimes
in freezing conditions, sometimes in scorching heat.

I am drawn to them for the beauty they create.
Timeless, everlasting.

Their work will remain when they are long gone.

We honor them, we owe so much to them for 
letting us share their vision and beauty.

Art  AAE  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ming Qu - re-live the Ming Dynasty

This city in central China is being rebuilt from scratch, a mammoth project on all levels.
All old buildings - mainly built during the Mao area are being razed to the ground, and replaced by new, modern buildings.
The city has embarked on a ten year campaign to complete modernization.

A historic place since thousands years, the city carries its heritage to a new modern futuristic design, where old and new is blended in harmony.

Here we see the replica of the Temple in Kaifeng being rebuilt, along with several other Ming style buildings. I watched carpenters trim and plane wood logs to join them in the traditional way.

No nail is found in ancient chinese buildings, and so it is kept till today. Planks, trusses are joined with wooden pegs into a harmonious design of pure wood art craftsmanship.

A scent of pine and fir can be found all over the new buildings. Apart from the fact that fir trees are used for construction, nothing but sheer beauty and architectural ancient chinese delights.

Will venture to another marvel to report here with more pictures soon.

from China


Saturday, September 25, 2010

AAE photoshelter -


Imperial City of Kaifeng

Visit to the Imperial City Kaifeng Henan.
Our friend Norbert went to Henan only 10 days before us, 
we missed each other on inches.

Great display of traditional skills, the city was rebuilt from blueprints
and paintings available from 1000 years ago. 
Skills displayed are indescribable.

Everything created was done so in painstaking details, the Imperial palace,
the the pavilions, streets, restaurants and shops.

Vendors, Attendants wear traditional clothing. 

Traditional games, Female Polo players, swings, and lots of Acrobatics are
also part of the display.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

The man and the sea .. Hongkong 's last fishing village... on Twitpic

The man and the sea .. Hongkong 's last fishing village... on Twitpic

Love this place. Decided to get back today if all #business completed.
Wonderful scenery, tranquil Oasis of peace.
Enjoy some deliciously prepared seafood.

Wanna come ? Hey, you are invited.
Friends on Google friends connect
join us for more news casts from 'Cheung Chau Island'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Karaoke night, Guangdong, China

Spent great Karaoke night with friends in Southern Guangdong, China.
We were invited by the Vice Rector of the University,
enjoyed our evening with Dinner and Song.

Karaoke night in southern Guangdong, China

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Furniture Seller , China

Furniture seller transport (pinche)

Originally uploaded by heinz rainer
Transporting goods in China

This ancient transport we found in many parts
of China. A 'pinche' can carry more than a ton
of weight.

Its axle can be shifted within several points
adjust for center of gravity changes.

We found this hard working Transporter of
Chinese Furniture in Jiaxing, Zhejiang.

He gratefully let us take this shot.
Wonderful people we met in all parts of China.

aheneghana youtube