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Saturday, January 29, 2011

General #Entacher - #Austria 's Military Commander fallen from grace ?

Austria 's Minister for Defense, Darabos, decided to fire his Military Commander for reasons of insubordination.

Darabos wants to change the Army from Draft to Professionals, a move that did not have enough support
within the Armed Forces itself, let alone within the Austrian population.

Since the dismissal was announced, Austria has been on a virtual rampage.
Christian Kreuziger, free lance journalist and his Fanpage on Facebook has seen a dramatic increase
of visitors and Fans since its inception.

There is no issue in the History of Austria which has experienced so much involvment by the Public. A number of previous economically ill - fated ventures have brought the Austrian public into rage.

Austria needs to change its political thinking, as it seems it is on a new verge of awareness.

Entacher for Austria. Entacher for President. Re-instate Entacher, are the voices heard.
Entacher has risen from General to a Public Figure.

You can read more on his Fanpage :

General Entacher