Monday, October 21, 2013

Secondhand textile machines, finishing machines and weaving machines

How are jeans produced?

Some of us have little idea how jeans are made, lets be honest.

We all wear them, use them in our daily lives.
Nobody ever thinks how they are made.

It takes a lot of hard work to produce a good pair of jeans.

You can read more here : Jeans

In this video you can watch some of the processes


Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to produce your own CDN page

CDN - content delivery network

Ever wondered why your competitor has more page views than you - or why his page loads

Nothing is more devastating for your page rank than a slow loading website.
CDN services can be bought a pricey tag on Amazon, Rack space, or other web hosting services.

What a CDN basically does is it stores your web content  with other services around the globe,
depending on quality of host.

CDN hosting is not for everyone.But it goes without saying that big guys rely on it. They need fast services.

Though you may not feel it is important, remember this : A page load speed of anything more than 3.5 seconds is considered low these days.

Google considers a fast page loading speed as a top priority.

Whilst there are other important factors to be considered, page loading speed is on the top of its requirements.

Have a look at this page and check its loading speed :

See how fast it loads.

You can check the speed here :

If you need any information how to get your own CDN pls. contact me.