Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why are poachers in Tanzania not dealt with


Poachers in Tanzania 's game park use a cruel method of trapping lions : snares. Some of those unfortunate animals who have been caught in the trap suffer miserably till they perish.

Again - surprisingly the world does not care - as so many times when it comes to matters beyond their global imagination and reach.

Tanzania - what is this ? Some place in Africa - or so I guess... I can almost hear those who will look at these pictures.

Is all we can do now is to destroy - or do we still have a spark of intelligence to protect other species from becoming extinct .. I ask myself frequently. we destroy oceans, we empty them so that we can buy more fishing boats, we destroy the rain forest, we destroy the habitat of millions of species - all in the name of progress.

When the progress has eaten away our livelyhoods and we are left only with money, then what are those who have reaped the money going to do ? Escape to the moon .. and take their cash with them.

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