Friday, July 20, 2012

Shortsightedness or massive cerebral intrusion

There is almost no other explanation , if it exists, I am unaware.
Freud would love it, it would fill his patients diagnosis book for months - if not years to come.

Freud was one authority on difficult cases of neurosis one can not forget about. Reading Freud 's ' interpretation of dreams ', amongst other works leaves one wondering about his / her own psyche and underlying extremes.

Freud was a wonderful caring man, to his wife, to his family, to those associated with him professionally, and privately.

Though his views were considered extreme at the time, many of his friends turning away from him in the process of his studies and publications, he was considered a pioneer in psycho analysis.

He cared for people, and he cared for those close to him.

His reflections on childhood - infantile experiences were considered outrageous , even when there was overwhelming evidence for such claim.

Negative childhood experiences reflect in adulthood mental disorders, progressing with the severity of such experiences.

In his readings one can find many parables that one can apply - to some lesser extent to oneself. Authoritarian fathers have a staggering complexity grade, depending on the misconduct of the parental head in question.

Beatings, abusive treatments lead to personal disorders of various grades, which can rate from bed wetting to grave sexual disorder. Freud on no uncertain ways described the form of incest and its devastating effects on few occasions.

Even in the 19 the century cases of parental attacks on children were not uncommon.

Freud 's own findings were always absorbed by his own students and followers. He suffered some setbacks in form of Carl Jung who openly opposed Freud findings to that of his own.

It was a setback that did not go well with Freud 's trust in people.

He became ill and withdrawn as a result and disillusioned.


What does this tell us.

It shows that no human on earth is completely free of negative thinking and disillusionment. Even Freud was affected when his most trusted friend resorted to Prof. Carl Jung s teachings rather than favoring his own findings.

In retrospect one must realize that we are fragile. After looking deep into our soul, we find we are vulnerable, to different degrees by influences from our environment.

When people show extreme confidence they either mastered the game of masquerade or acting, or are able to control their basic instincts to a greater degree.

I find many people acting extremely well, until a certain degree. Pretending to be superior is a way to assure others.

This game is played well by certain nationals more than others.


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