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More from the Amazon – Belomonte project, Para State, Brazil

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More from the Amazon – Belomonte project, Para State, Brazil


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Minister for Human Rights prevents reading public statement questioning and removes the Belo Monte report

The Minister of Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency, Maria do Rosario , not given a voice to civil society representatives invited to the meeting on Monday, 19 Council of Defense of Human Rights (CDDPH). On occasion was presented and voted on the Print Report Violations of Human Rights of Middle Earth , in Para, performed by the Special Committee appointed by CDDPH. After appealing to the bylaws of the board, which says that gifts can only be manifested after the resolution of the directors, the minister suddenly changed the agenda without offering the possibility of talks.

The report is published by Verena Glass Movement and Xingu Forever Alive, 03/19/2012.
This is because the board approved the report in a biased way, excluding all questions and recommendations related to the construction of Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant, in Pará, presented by the rapporteur Leonardo Sakamoto. With the information that Mary of the Rosary to the operator had determined to withdraw the references to violations arising from the construction of the plant, about 50 civil society organizations built as a joint statement denouncing the minister’s position and defending the report, unmodified by Sakamoto.

The legal advisor of the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) Adelar Cupsinski was chosen to read the note. “Even though we do not give room to read the public statement, the minister countered by saying that the note did not intervene in the functions of the rapporteur, as was reported by the press and civil society,” said Adelar. The indigenous lawyer and insisted on going to present the right to speak. The minister, following in the manifestations of clear abuse of power and agency, criticized the Federal Public Ministry of Pará (MPF / PA) for requesting and given deadline for submission of the report.

Maria do Rosario said that all issues related to Belo Monte will be forwarded to the Steering Committee, which monitors the plant’s construction, but has not had any activity in the region. The report of Middle Earth will be followed up, but with another referee, because the current asked to exit the function. But before, Sakamoto asked that the committee welcomes the stories and the demands of civil society as well as forward the human rights violations that occur in regions affected by the construction of Belo Monte.

Some advisers, though voting for partial approval of the report, a stand saying that Middle Earth will be affected by construction of the plant, especially on social aspects. Such contradictions appear in several episodes involving Belo Monte: when the president of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) Marcio Meira signed report saying that the work would not affect indigenous communities, contradicted the expert opinion of the organ itself. Cruelty and despotism move the plant even before the waters of the Xingu River.

However, it should be noted that Mary of the Rosary is just a pawn controlled by the iron hand of President Rousseff, so unconscionable that the state machine transforms a steamroller on indigenous communities and farmers affected by the riverside work and they said not to Belo Monte. The Attorney General’s Office (AGU) has come to challenge in court the federal prosecutor of Para Felicio Pontes , asking that he acted more about issues involving the plant.
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