Friday, November 26, 2010

Hengshan in Hunan in the Qing Dynasty

Recently, the site survey in Hengshan County Shizhi Ban accidentally discovered the cloud to open the town of Hengshan County Community Zijin Group 7 (the original meaning of Hengshan County An Zhenming Delhi) on already a dangerous place to be demolished the old buildings of Qing Dynasty – Luo Courtyard, after extensive investigation, interviewed after being confirmed as the father of Ma Ying-jeou Ma Heling’s former residence. Unfortunately, because Luo house in Hengshan County is in the range of open Yunnan Road Development, Housing section has been removed.
Hengshan County, according to Director Xiong Zhongrong Shizhi Ban introduced in autumn 1924, Mr. Ma Lian Ma Heling’s father, mother and Ms. Xiang Shitai to avoid the Bandit, his family moved to suburban MingDeli Hengshan County, lived along the triangle pings. At that time, Ma Heling just 4 years old, rented their house in housing is the Law. Law, according to the original house in households aged 81 Peach Luo drunk old memories, Luo into the big house has two, that is, the first into the lobby, lobby on each side of three rooms, rooms have a row of houses on both sides, close to the rear of the front hall is a rectangular courtyard, through the courtyard into the second, including both sides of the hall and 3 rooms. Luo Tao said the old man drunk, his grandfather Luogu Wu, father Luo Qinghui have said: Mahe Ling lived in a second into the hall to the right of the three rooms, the Luo Tao drunk old right wing family lived in the vestibule outside a row of houses there, and their The windows are opposite each other can be separated from the dialogue window.
1927 年 11 30, the father of Mr. Ma Lian Ma Heling Luo house in illness in the death of 60-year-old to enjoy life, remains the Xiang River by boat from the pier back Heng Jia Yan Ma, buried in Xiangtan County Grace Temple in the village of tea a piece of farmland into Shuangyang. At this point, Mahe Ling on side 7 years old. Since then, Mahe Ling and Trillium brother, sister, mother-to-cloud’s difficult to follow the British to survive, much difficult. Mother-to-Ling’s support to the crane into useful materials, for example in the county crane Ling Primary School, primary school that morning (today Hengshan County Experimental Primary School) to study, to December 1935 admitted to the junior high school aged five classes studying Medicine and Rehabilitation. December 1937 and entered the twenty-three classes of high school study Medicine and Rehabilitation. December 1940 admitted to the Law and Politics Department of the Central Political University study. 4-year-old from preschool (1924) to high school graduation (1940), a total of 16-year period, Mahe Ling has lived in Mountain. Although 6 years is a secondary school in Yue Yun, Yue Yun high school but at this time in 1935 in the Southern Mountain Branch Campus began in 1938, moved to main campus and from Changsha, Hengshan, and Mahe Ling is studying in junior high school campuses beginning, So, this time, Mahe Ling Mountain has not left the land.
16 years, Mahe Ling Luo a big house to live in more than 3 years time, after which they had rented near the Ming Deli Delta Song Jiaci Tang Ping, Xiao Jia Citang, has also lived in the west of Whitehead Lane before. Unfortunately, the site of these places are old and destroyed because of their age, and because the elderly have already passed away, it can not understand living in this specific situation. Mountain life and forged a bond of Mahe Ling, in the memorable Hengshan spent his teenage years, having completed the elementary, middle and high school. Mountain land is nurtured his growing legend in his life left a good memory, have an important role. This is exactly the Mahe Ling and his own family’s place of origin be an important factor in the Mountain.
present, Romania has stopped the dismantling of the Courtyard, pending disposal of the relevant departments to make decisions.
Ma Heling its people
Mahe Ling, 1920 Lunar New Year was born November 9, Law and Politics Department of the Central Political University graduate, had served for many years in the Kuomintang army. Went to Taiwan, a former KMT vice chairman of the Central Discipline Inspection and Evaluation. Old age is committed to the development of cross-strait peace and unity, peace-building was the World Association for World Federation of Chinese President. He is currently the Chairman of the KMT Central Committee, the Chief Executive of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou’s father. Although he was born in Xiangtan County, Ma Jia Yan Monastery in front, but has put himself and the whole family, including his younger brother Ma Yanling, a native son of Ma Ying-jeou as the Mountain, and death the same.

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