Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dinner 4-2 - not the usual type

We all look for something special to eat once in a while. When I stayed in Ayudhya province in Thailand this wish almost became too much to bear.

Venturing out daily into surrounding areas I would enjoy local dishes from grilled chicken and Khao Neyou sticky rice, and Papaya Salads. 

After work there was always ample opportunity to savor Thailand's great cuisine. Some of the most impressive moments were spent alongside the deadliest creatures.

One evening, before closing up, I was sitting in my office when I received a call from the main gate to come and join the workers for dinner.

When driving past the main gate, I found a crowd of 10 Thais, from security and Management, personal friends of the Big guy (waving long hair) inviting me to chilly friend Cobra.

It would take some minutes I was told, whilst watching the 2.7 m Cobra being skinned and  gutted. Not the best views to raise one's appetite, but those who engaged in the skillful operation had no such thoughts in mind.

Need less to say, the look of the blood drenched hands of the butchers, the half skinned Naja Naja made me  nauseous I declined politely, yet brought myself to take some everlasting shots, some of which I dare not to show here.

This is our shot of today :
Naja Naja 

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