Saturday, October 9, 2010

Forest lake - green Bavaria, Germany

Weilheim, Bavaria

Whilst visiting Malinee and Thomas we did some extensive hiking through Forests and beautiful summer meadows of Bavaria.

Collecting Blackberries on our way, we entered into this beautiful, unspoilt forest.

Malinee prepared some of the most delicious fruit salad ever tasted,
tossing them in a light Yogurt sauce with sugar.

Some moments in life we won't forget, and this was one of it.

Malinee is an excellent cook, she is a wizard in the kitchen.

My compliments and thanks go to you, Malinee and you Thomas..

Thanks for being good friends all these years,

Green Forest lake, Bavaria, Germany

Beautiful Bavaria
Photography by : aheneghana / africasiaeuro photoshelter

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