Thursday, August 26, 2010

Google Friends connect - sounds simple ?

Hi, Today thought I would like to explain a few things about Google friends connect. Many bloggers have a common goal : Getting noticed without doubt is the prime reason why millions of Bloggers are on posting their likes, sentiments, misgivings, frustrations, display of skills, professionalism, etc. Some on a daily base, others in irregular intervals, some as often as possible. Whe all know the power of Google, there is no bigger force on the web today than the search engine. We tweet, we FB, we blog. Recently I was invited to a webinar on new features of Google friends connect. The podcast link will be listed at the end of this post. So much beforehand : Google friend connect has evolved into a powerful feature to attract traffic to your blog. It simply isn't the 'click and add' feature that we all assumed it is. Much more, GFC has involved into a marketing tool with great capabilities. Once mastered, one can set it up to analyze traffic, post news bulletins, test consumer sentiments, lots of new features are possbile. After listening to the experts on the podcast, I installed the connect feature on my Tea page , including a simple poll to find out how the page appeals to our visitors. So far the results have been very positive. I would recommend to all friends to connect to my google friends connect, where you will be directed to the podcasting feature (only my friends will have access to the podcast). Please follow the google friend connect link and install the feature on your blog. The more you link the higher google will rank your page, a smple conclusion. Get out and explore the powers of Google friends connect. Connect with us: AAE

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