Friday, August 6, 2010

The Blues Bloggers

The Blues Bloggers

MATT ''GUITAR'' MURPHY: Way Down South

The dazzling guitarist has recorded very sparingly as a leader over the course of his long career, preferring the relative anonymity of sideman duties behind Memphis Slim, James Cotton, and the Blues Brothers. But he acquits himself most competently here, mixing blues, funk, R&B, and a little jazz into his sparkling fretwork. His brother Floyd Murphy, a Memphis blues guitar legend himself, is on hand for a family reunion.
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
Murphy’s feature debut is packed with the same lucid excitement the guitarist has accorded Memphis Slim, James Cotton, the Blues Brothers, and many more. His clean tone and surety of inflection are on display, and his guitar-toting brother Floyd-a former Sun Records sessionsman-is on hand to give the shuffles and down-home originals even more appeal. Matt’s singing, though, tries one’s patience and sometimes the two guitarists heat up predictably-or, worse yet, stumble.
By Frank John Hadley.

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