Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand - heinzrainer - Picasa Web Albums

Black shirts in Bangkok ?

Passing through Rachathewi I saw these Blackshirts.
I could not help had to take their photographs.

Much nicer, laughing, smiling, much different from their more
serious namesakes, less mysterious, as well.

We hope that one day all Black shirts will be like those,
jovial, smiling, natural, without a hidden Agenda,
with a fixed place of residence, living with their parents.

These Black shirts are what is now needed,
not those we have all seen in the news, spilling carnage,
and throwing M79 's to innocent people.

We care, we like Black shirts, don' t we all now.

Black shirts

Bangkok, Thailand - heinzrainer - Picasa Web Albums
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