Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazon.com Associates Central - Discussion Boards

Amazon.com Associates Central - Discussion Boards

We all would like to get 1000 000 Visitors p.d. to our website - Facebook NetworkedBlog
However, this does not happen so easy. How to increase your daily hits ? Then, there is Twitter ...
Can you harness the power of Twitter ? Since a few months we noticed, Twitter limits the number of followers per day. Except if you are a member of the prestigious clan on twitter. (You can find many prestigious members in this #hashtag group : Twitter ATVP hashtag
Tweet with the pros #ATVP : Follow is everything. Followers in excess of 5 000 000 means you are seen by a large crowd.
If your Twitter is on start-up, you simply are NOT seen. We are. Our list of #ATVP (you can register here : ATVP advanced twitter virtuoso pro will help you to reach your target.
Social Networking ?, check out this profile and compare yourself :
@aheneghana twitter

Finally, if you are certain you got what it takes, make use of this jewel : Dandy Social ID 

More hints next week...

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