Monday, May 31, 2010

Junshandao - Bamboo forest of lost souls


Chun-shan, (ancient name) ancient Dongting Shan, Xiang Shan, affinity Mountain, ( 八百里洞庭 ) island in the lake, is eternal. Located opposite Yueyang Tower, with a total area of 0.96 square kilometers in size. Consisting of 72 peaks, "Road book "as the World XI blessed, now a national key scenic spot.

Jun shan has many historical sites, rich culture, on legendry Junshan Island  there are 5 wells, 48 Temples.
Junshan ancient Nobles wrote poetry about  a "strange" or "small", "Ingenuity" and "You", "ancient" Island. A book titled "Stele", found in the history of Chinese earliest Cliff " Nebula map "Neolithic sites.

Writings exist also about , Qi Guishen,  love witness - owner of the  2 Empresses Tomb, as well as Liu Yi Well.

Closing with  Emperor Han Wudi , mentioning the Song Dynasty peasant uprising of fly-chung.
Each monument is part of deep history, each story is a distant memory, noble antiquity, Zhongchang v. Divine.

Especially since Tang, Li Bai, Du Fu, Huang, ji, Zhang Chun-shan and other scholars to Poet homage expressed their feelings in poems and countless pieces of writings, leaving countless eternal Masterpieces.
Li Bai's "short sweep Minghu opened the  "jade mirror", Dan qing drawing is Chun-shan, "Liu Yuxi's":  "Looking to the Dongting landscape green", the silver plate in "Hitodo Lo " adds to its fame.

Island of towering old trees, tall bamboo, Maolin only were there more than 20 kinds of bamboo show the magic and passionate owner to grow around the tomb in the Second Princess.
Jun Camellia is a beautiful landscape, with layers of green tea like a jade article in the size of the hills around, one of China's ten famous tea produced here on Junshan Silver Needle.

Epilogue :

Junshandao has been one of the most inspiring places visited. Strolling through Bamboo thicks which cover the Island, I got lost in a remote part of the Island, the trails suddenly disappeared as vapor.
I stood in front of the gigantic lake shores, gazing into the vast space.
Fog hanging deep to the bottom, penetrating the Bamboo Forests, one feels strange, in solitude, imagining the restless spirits of Xiang Fei and Liu Yi passing.
48 Temples give this Island a unique position in Chinese Historical places.
I for one, fell in love with it.
Although I covered the Island on foot, I must go back to do some further soul search,
on the Island of Junshandao, strolling through the Bamboo Forest of lost souls, perhaps finding
more than beauty, inspiration, peace and sanctuary, just as Folks and Nobles did so over a thousand

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