Saturday, May 23, 2009

Latest news - Indian woman raped by armed gang

The latest news maing rounds in expatriate circles is making headlines. wednesday night an Indian woman was raped by the thugs. This is the first brutal incident of such nature. Till now the bandits have only demanded money and valuables, watches, mobile phones and jewelry. Last week a Lebanese tycoon was robbed, his family just returned from a late dinner with guests from Germany. Bandits waited till their Gen. Manager arrived, stormed in and pinted the gun on the poor guys head. 'Knock the door' was their command, the Manager had no choice, he complied. At the time the tycoons daughter opened the door, he was calling in Arabic: 'thieves', whereas the girl started to scream and ran inside the house. The manager then tried to close the door but in vain, he was pushed inside.
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