Friday, October 31, 2008

Imagine this: just returned from 'xie tou'; actually meaning 'wash hair'; included: 60 minutes of pleasant, smiling faces around you, happy to show their skills to a 'weiguoren', 30 min. of extra- ordinary facial massage, shoulders, arms and hands, neck and, not to forget, my head.; 15 minutes of some of the best hair washes ever; a decent, professional stylist haircut; the tab : THREE EUROS or THREE POINT SIX U.S.DOLLARS;
and where did you cut your hair (mere haircut male) for 30 EUROS today; left alone a MASSAGE ?
I wanna say this : No, this isn't my first time, and not the second either.
Its a mere continuation of part a lifestyle that I learnt to enjoy years ago. And I intend to continue, at least as long as I am able to.
For those living in the West can't contemplate what they are missing out on. We pay skyhigh prices for meagre services.
For those collecting 30 EUROS or 40 BUCKS from us don't move their ass to make us feel welcome.
A routine thing they are used to get paid for.
We take things too much for granted, especiall in our jobs. We don't think a minute about those working a 12-14 hour a day shift with half an hour break, 29 (T W E N T Y N I N E days a month)
earning 150-200 Bucks for their services.
And no, they refuse tips, they have pride in what they do.
I love these folks, after all I should know. I been coming here for over 12 years.

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