Friday, September 12, 2008

Wondering if you have been to Milan before.
If so - you missed out some great things.

Let's start from arriving in Milan, the great Italian city, capital of Lombardy.

This is the Hotel that features a former Mental Hospital or Ospedale Psichiatrico.
The Hostel is called Ostellolinda.
website :
Weird as it sounds, it also is.
Guests staying in the dormitories report strange sounds coming from behind walls at night.

Who knows perhaps some mental patients still lie there forgotten. One never wonders in Italy.

Radios glaring, guests are few, and staff even more so.

Well I didn't chose the place. Rather than that we coped with the 3 star Demidoff which is praised by lots of visitors, for whatever reason I did not make out.
Rooms are neat, cosy, spick and span. TV's only in Italian, so you need to quickly make up on language skills or be left out.
Italian room rates in Italy are steep. A 140 Euro setback occurs on a daily base. And that's for a start.
Go in for something bigger and your wallet takes an even worse hit.
Then the breakfast. It tops the list of all breakfasts in Italy and must so - I'm sure - elsewhere.
First morning - 1st surprise - no bread (rolls) left at 09.00 a.m. Complain to the Manager, and you're told that it would take 1 hour before new bread arrives.
So you cope with whatever is on hand. Dry crackers, cheeses, jam (these ones come plentiful), some fruit yogurts, which isn't that bad.
Cappuccino is on the house (which actually is surprising).
Some fruit tart wasn't bad though.
No exceptions. All guests arriving afterwards won't see even one piece of bread.
Complaints aren't welcome, nor noticed.
I vowed not to keep quiet, so this is my contribution.
If you go to Milano, ever, give the Demidoff a miss. It simply isn't worth the money.
Better head for the mental Hospital - Hostel.

in Milano, Italy
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