Friday, August 8, 2008

Our house caretaker 's sone was taken ill today, apparently with severe Malaria.
When the caretaker called to inform us, he was sobbing. He did not elaborate on the phone and we are really worried now.
Malaria is a common illness and strikes suddenly.
Especially the local population is suffering greatly.
In my own case, I suffered from Malaria several times, and I have resorted to self treatment.
3 Chloroquin injections, each day 5 ml i.m., full dose of 'Coartem' for 5 days will help to eradicate the bugs.
Still, many people don't have access to medication and doctors, as they can't afford treatment. Rather than asking, they prefer to keep quiet, suffering from the effects till it is too late.
For them, and this is the majority, 'Globalization' has done nothing. It has actually worsened the situation.
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