Sunday, April 8, 2007

++Magic Rules for life ++

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There is magic in a merry smile,
and laughter works a spell.
Try both and luck will follow you,
and happiness as well.

Ever be kind and gentle,
never be rude at all,
always be kind to everyone,
then you will be loved by all.

To meet, to love and then to past,
is the saddest thing in the human heart.

Life is an echo, it all comes back,
the good the false and the true,
so give the world the best you have,
and the best will come back to you.

Memories are treasures which no one can steal,
separation is a heartache that no one can heal.

It is sad to say farewell, it is a word that causes pain,
But as the months and years roll by, we will hope to meet again.
But if we never more should meet, I pray you would forget,
But sometimes cast a thought aside for one who loves you yet.

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